EBSQ’s July Online Exhibits

Have you entered one of our July online exhibits? This month we are hosting three exhibits: African Wildlife, Flower of the Month: Victory Garden, and Pointillism. Create something new or enter an artwork that’s been waiting for the perfect show.

Quite simply: we’d ideally like to see depictions of animals typically associated with the African safari. But ALL indigenous African species are welcome.

During World Wars I & II, the rallying cry was Dig for Victory. People were asked to dig up their flowers and focus on food production. Now in the less-than-desirable economy of the early 21st Century, Grow Your Own has become the new rallying cry, but the focus is the same: flowers giving way to vegetable, herbs, and fruit. Here at EBSQ, we’re of the opinion that vegetable gardens can be just as beautiful as flower gardens. Whether planted square-foot style, a la French potager, or even vertical and in containers, fruit and veg are finding their way into the urban and suburban landscape again. This month, we’re celebrating the beauty and bounty of the productive garden. Here’s to a happy harvest!

The subject is completely open, but the required technique this month is tightly defined. All entries must be manually rendered in individual small dots of pure colour to create a pattern.

Deadline for all entries is July 31, 2012