Friendly Love My World Upcycled Challenge

Sharing an open-to-the-public challenge from vfem:

Welcome to the ECOChallenge:

Some say I’m a hippy, but I just try to do my part. When it comes to being earth friendly in this house, we do it out of habit everyday. Its easy, but now lets make it fun!

This challenge is for every artist! Every non – artist! Everyone!

I want everyone for this challenge to chose several items (minimum of 2), found items, garbage, used items…. thing that are no longer useful for their intended making. It could be of recyclable materials, or items that still go unrecycled. Take those items and create a piece of art out of them. Whether you make a painting on canvas with some newspaper and old yarn glued to it, or a junk yard statue is up to you!There is no theme to the piece of art you are doing. You can do a still life of fruit, a piece of pottery, functional art like purse or table, something wearable like jewelry. It can be of anything you like, and meets your style.


I would love to see this go into the Work In Progress threads so we can watch it happen. Document your dig for those special pieces of trash!

You don’t have to create with whatever you have laying around… dumpster dive…. see what your neighbors are throwing away…. look on craigslist under the ‘free’ section. People give addresses to where there are piles on the curb headed to the dump.

Now lets talk about time frame. Challenges have been down to Simon Sez Stuff only as of late! So We’re going to do 2 set date limits. I want everyone to come here and sign up ASAP, then go off and collect your garbage recycling pieces.

Everyone who is going to do the challenge needs to be signed up AND will garbage by September 29th. That is when you should post your junk here! WE need to see your found objects… so once you’ve determined what you are working with take photos of ALL you are planning on using and post it in this thread. (You must use ALL items that you share here on that date, you can add more junk… but do not remove anything you have listed here.) The more the merrier….

Then the second date is for the completed art piece. This due date is going to be October 30th. The day before Halloween! This is when the completed item is due and should be posted here.

Yes, there are prizes to be had. I have already determined a prize for first place! I will post photos of it to get everyone interested in a couple of days.

If we have a good turn out of people signing up on time on the end sign up date I will determine what and if we’ll have a second prize. I would love to have more then 10 people doing this. If that happens I will supply a second place prize as well.

OH, and I will not be doing the judging alone… my daughter and husband will be looking over the pieces and helping me determine who the winner will be!!!!

*Bring your friends, post this on Facebook or twitter or where ever you go… get your family to sign up over here and join in.


**P.s. – NON-EBSQ members, this is a public forum this challenge is on, you may sign up with a free patron account to participate in this challenge. You do not need a paid artist account. Here is a good chance to meet the many members of EBSQ who do great challenges like this all the time.

More details can be found on the EBSQ forums.

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