EBSQ Friday Five: Youtube for Artists

This week’s Friday Five is a collection of just a handful the amazing Youtube Channels to be had for artists.

1. New Masters Academy – Their Daily Life Drawing sessions are what I love most about this channel. Don’t have the time or means to sit in on a life drawing session?  They have both nude and non-nude, timed sessions!

2. Will Terry – Looking for tips and advice on becoming a children’s book illustrator? Will Terry supplies this and much, much more.

3. ImagineFX – Digital Artists and Fantasy Artists will love the invaluable resources from one of the best magazines in the industry.

4. Blick Art Materials – Did you know Blick has been around since 1911? Their Youtube channel offers more than just product reviews. Take look!

5. Strathmore Artist Papers – There are a wealth of tutorials to be found in this channel, even entire workshops!

I’ll highlight more of my favorite channels next month. Do you have a go-to Youtube channel for art learning and inspiration?


EBSQ Friday Five

Snowy Field by Delilah Smith

1. Snowy Field by Delilah Smith reminds me of the countryside here in rural Georgia, especially after the snow storm we had in 2010. Beautiful!

2. You’ve finished a painting just in time for a show, but you need to transport it safely while it dries–what do you do? Check out this great article: How to Make a Wet Painting Holder.

3. Free Video Art Lessons from Jerry’s Artarama – Yes. Free. Enjoy!

4. What qualifies as handmade? Things are changing at Etsy.

5. DrawQuest is now available for iPhone users! What’s the purpose? To encourage daily drawing. Can’t go wrong with that.

EBSQ Friday Five

1. Cuban Coffee, Lime and Creamer – Sounds like a perfect way to start a Friday morning, doesn’t it? It’s also a beautiful painting by EBSQ artist, Maria Soto Robbins.

2. Make your own refillable journal – Elis Cook has a tutorial for sale on Etsy you won’t want to miss!

3. EBSQ 12 in ’12 Update – June is the halfway point for the 12 in ’12 Challenge. I posted an update on my blog. Are you participating in the challenge?

4. Guest Blogging Strategy for Artists – EmptyEasel.com has an informative article on guest blogging. Writing a post for another blog is a proven way to generate interest in your own blog.

5. Do you have an article you think should be in the EBSQ Friday Five? Email me at: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

Have a great weekend!