EBSQ Spotlight on Fibre Art: Tina Marie Ferguson

This month’s featured gallery is Fibre Art. The fibre arts involve creating art with fibre. It sounds neat and simple, but the fibre arts are so varied that it is like saying that there are fish in the sea; it’s hardly an adequate description. Fibre art includes spinning and weaving. Also quilting and collage. It encompasses sculpture and apparel and felting and more. Fibre art is any piece of art made with fibre and it’s application is almost endless.

Tina Marie Ferguson

Joey Roo - Tina Marie Ferguson
Joey Roo - Tina Marie Ferguson

As an artist, I enjoy experimenting with a multitude of various art forms and the means and methods of creating.  I remember my grandmother designing beautiful quilts from scraps of cloth and old clothing.  I always considered what she did to be a true art form.  Now, as a mature 44 year old, the art forms that I find most appealing are the ones in which I received no formal training.  I guess that makes fibre art a true form of folk art for me.  I find inspiration in the designs, patterns, and textures of fabric remnants, discarded clothing, and upholstery samples.  Socks and gloves especially fascinate me.  They speak to me.  They all want to be something else and I feel compelled to fulfill that desire.  Each piece is an original.  I believe that stuffies hold a mass appeal that other more traditional art forms do not.  People connect more literally with a piece of fibre art. – Tina Marie Ferguson

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