EBSQ Friday Five

Little Devil by Susan Brach

1. From the EBSQ front page this morning comes this delightful Halloween art by Susan Brack, titled Little Devil. ūüėÄ

2. This month’s mandala from Maureen Frank is Dream a Little Dream. Maureen’s mandalas are always free to download, so head over to get your copy today!

3. EBSQ’s annual ThinkPink exhibit is underway. This year we’ve teamed with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds for education, support and early detection. If you’re not entering the exhibit you can make a donation on our Fundraising Page!

4. This 98-Year-Old Man Spent 13 Years Creating Remarkable Art in MS Paint–Wow!!!

5. Here’s a little news from yours truly. One of my recent commissions is the cover of a short story available to purchase on Amazon. Check out my blog post, Old Man of Tessera, for more details!


Please support Think Pink

October is drawing to a close, and we’ve seen some tremendous support for our Susan G¬†Komen fundraiser, Think Pink.¬† At present time, we’re at 56 awesome and thought provoking entries.¬† We’ve asked for a suggested donation of $10 per entry¬†to EBSQ’s Think Pink Team, but right now we’re only at $245 (that’s 16%)¬†of our $1500 fundraising goal– and I personally donated 10% of our goal to our total. We’re doing slightly better with our prize money goal with our Chipin widget. We’re trying to raise $500 in prize money for our participating artists and we’re doing fairly well with $130 (that’s 26%) toward that goal.

How can you help?¬†First and foremost, if you’re a show participant and haven’t donated directly to the EBSQ Think Pink Team on the Susan G Komen website, please do so now.¬† It’s a very worthy cause AND it makes you eligible to win the prize money being collected.

Secondly, we hope you’ll consider supporting our artists by donating to our¬†chipin for the Member’s Choice award. Right now, we’re at the largest monthly prize amount we’ve seen in quite some time. I’d dearly love to see us reach our $500 goal, or even surpass it by month’s end.

Last but not least, PLEASE help promote the show.¬† The clock is ticking and I’d really love to see us make both of our goals before October ends.

Thanks for your consideration!

Think Pink: A Fundraiser to Benefit Susan G Komen 2009

From 10/1/2009 thru 10/31/2009

Online Art Exhibit:  Think Pink: A Fundraiser to Benefit Susan G Komen 2009

It’s something that impacts us all in one way or another. Whether it’s a mother or a wife; a sister, a friend, ourselves – someone in our … more


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Think Pink – The Final Countdown!!

It is the last hours of the last day of the month of October. Soon, Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be past us for another year. This year, EBSQ has mounted a show to benefit The Susan G Komen Foundation. The response has been tremendous. So many have entered “Think Pink”. Many have made a donation. For all of this, we thank you. However, October is not over yet! Should you want to make a donation this month or have been planning to make a donation this month but haven’t gotten to it yet, please go the the EBSQ Group Page and help us reach our goal. We are working towards $1000 and we are almost there.

Every bit helps us reach the goal we set for ourselves and every bit helps put us one step closer to making breast cancer a thing of the past.

A Fundraiser for the Susan G Komen Foundation

“Think Pink” show and donation drive for The Susan G. Komen Foundation

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As many of you know, one of EBSQ’s October shows is “Think Pink: A Fundraiser For The Susan G. Komen Foundation”. Our goal is to raise 1000 dollars by the end of month. So far we have raised 274 dollars. This is a great start, but we can do so much better. We have requested that show participants donate 5 dollars but you don’t have to enter the show to give. Just go to EBSQ’s Group Page on The Susan G. Koman website to make your donation. Your donation will go directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, you will help us reach our goal of 1000 dollars and should you wish, your name will appear as a donor on our group page.

If you like t-shirts and hoodies, you can indulge yourself and put your money towards the fight against Breast Cancer by visiting our schwag shop and buying something soft and comfy. All proceeds from “Think Pink” items purchased will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

To learn more about “Think Pink” show and see the art, simply click the banner below. From the prospectus page you can also access the EBSQ Group Page and the schwag shop. You can also get more information on Breast Cancer and the Susan G. Komen Foundation by clicking on the tabs that can be found at the top of the EBSQ Group Page.

Please help us meet our goal and help a worthy cause. Breast Cancer can and does affect us all. The treatment breakthroughs that we have seen in the 25 years that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has been extant have been due in large part to donations by people like you to this and other groups that support research, prevention and early detection education. Let’s keep moving forward and do our part to bring about even better treatments, educate more people and one day soon, find a cure.

A Fundraiser for the Susan G Komen Foundation