Consider supporting EBSQ on this Small Business Saturday

It may seem strange that an online community website is asking for your support today. But I hope you’ll hear me out.

EBSQ Self Representing Artists was established in 2000 by California artist John Seed as a community of artists who sold their work on eBay. The whole mysterious “EBSQ” moniker is derived from e-Basquiats and was created as a way for art buyers to find original artists amid a sea of cheap foreign reproductions and sweat-shop copiests.  So our original mission was, and is, to support individual artists who wanted to sell their work directly to art lovers.

In 2001, my husband and I bought the rights to EBSQ from John when poor health made his continuation with the group impossible (no worries, he’s ok now!). As a painter, I was already a member and heavily involved in the group, and my husband Bill, as a computer programmer, saw a ton of potential to take EBSQ from being a club to being a serious portal for both artists and art collectors. 10 years later, yes, we’re still a Mom-and-Pop, dedicated to helping artists get the visibility and online toolset they need to compete in a world where the competition from cheap reproductions and sweat-shop copiests has gotten even worse.

We know there are a lot of choices for art portfolio sites out there in 2011. We know there are a lot of excellent free choices available now, as well as paid services that often offer more bells and whistles than we can. But we do hope you’ll consider us as one of the baskets for your eggs, so to speak. We’re dedicated to service with a personal touch that many of our larger competitors simply cannot match. We answer our own email, we spend a lot of time just generally hanging out with our customers online (and occasionally offline!), and we’re constantly striving to make sure your art gets seen and your voices get heard.

So what do we have to offer you today?

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