EBSQ Spotlight on Fibre Art: Haze McElhenny Cerrato

This month’s featured gallery is Fibre Art. The fibre arts involve creating art with fibre. It sounds neat and simple, but the fibre arts are so varied that it is like saying that there are fish in the sea; it’s hardly an adequate description. Fibre art includes spinning and weaving. Also quilting and collage. It encompasses sculpture and apparel and felting and more. Fibre art is any piece of art made with fibre and it’s application is almost endless.

Heart In Hand - Haze McElhenny Cerrato
Heart In Hand - Haze McElhenny Cerrato

Haze McElhenny Cerrato

My fibre art project, Skirting the Issue, began in the summer of 2006 after working very closely with a commercial screen printer. During the length of this project I was fortunate enough to witness and become involved in all phases of the the process of commercial screen printing and I was aghast and appalled at the amount of waste created and the number of sample runs that were assigned to the trash because they did not meet client specifications in one way or another. This really got me thinking about how to reclaim some of those goods without trampling on license issues.

Shortly after that project closed, I found myself at a local thrift store. This particular store had more than several racks (in fact it was almost an entire floor) of tees. Many were barely worn and of a very high quality but I still wondered how many had any chance of being sold and actually worn and more – how many would soon be packed off to the landfill.

Actually seeing and realizing all of this waste was very disturbing. So I started cutting and sewing a few proto-type designs of skirts and polymorphic garments for my own personal use. It wasn’t long before I was sewing designs to spec for others, creating a global conga line of clients that contiues to grow as my designs continue to evolve. Honestly, I don’t know how many tees have been given a new and purposeful life but the numbers are growing. –  Haze McElhenny Cerrato

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