EBSQ Spotlight on Digital Art: PQ Ribber

This month’s featured gallery is Digital Art. Digital Art is not defined by one genre or style but rather the means used to create it. With the advance of digital tools and software, anything is possible. Like any medium, Digital Art requires the talent, patience, skill, and creativity of the artist to come alive. Digital Art is limited only by the imagination (and skill) of the artist. This month we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s Digital artists.

PQ Ribber

Among - PQ Ribber

The medium of digital has opened up whole new possibilities for me and my art. I’ve always wanted to do collages of classic, old, imagery. Digital has allowed me to ‘gut’ the best of old illustration/advertising/Victorian trade cards and other materials that previously were not the sort of thing one would take a scissors to. It is paint without paint, light in the darkness, halls of mirrors and worlds of magic. The other amazing thing about digital is that it ‘democratises’ art – everyone can have a copy that is every bit as ‘good’ as anyone else’s. Art is meant to be seen and appreciated (hopefully), after all. – PQ Ribber

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