EBSQ Friday Five: Art Seen

This week’s Friday Five features five recent artworks from various galleries in our community. They are a taste of the diverse and amazing talent of our artists. I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful weekend!

Please take a moment to check out the artist’s portfolios on EBSQ: Allesandro Andreuccetti, Sherry Key, Torrie Smiley, Martha Di Giovanni, and Janet M. Graham.


EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Claudia Roulier

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week is both a exceptional artist and a captivating blogger. Her art is sometimes whimsical, sometimes surreal and often a little deliciously creepy! I especially love reading about her art WIPS!

Claudia Roulier

Who and where are you?

I am a very late bloomer to the art scene here in Denver. When I graduated from art school I was a widow with two small kids, so I immediately had to work. About five years ago I quit my part time job with the Post Office, and began to do art again. I started by selling on eBay to get a feeling for the direction I wanted to go and to have a sense of the business of art. A little later I took some on line marketing classes from Alyson Stanfield (Art Biz Coach), who happens to live in  near by Golden Colorado. Shortly after I joined an old co-op I used to belong to right after art school which gave me courage to try for a co-op in the Art District itself. So I have belonged to both for the last few years.

Over the years I knew I wouldn’t be happy unless I gave my all to making a name for myself here in Denver. I live in the foothills west of Denver I have a studio in my house, quite literally. Recently a friend and I have rented a studio down in the center of the art district. It’s an exciting place to be right now, lots of energy, lots of great art and we have a huge First Friday Art Crawl. Since it is centrally located we both teach classes there and work of course. It’s been a very gratifying experience.

Shark by Claudia Roulier
How did you get started art blogging?

I decided to start blogging when Alyson, made a very good case in one of her classes about web sites vs blogging. She pointed out we need both but if we could only afford one then blog….why? Blogging uses lots of words, for search engines to pick up and they almost all connect to Facebook and Twitter. Your message and name can go almost viral sometimes depending on your topic.

The Beginning of the Tweeters and Umbrella Wars by Claudia Roulier
Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

I would say that the single most important thing is to do it regularly. I had someone ask me last First Friday if I added content on a regular basis, I knew he was asking me was it worth his time to check in every so often. You need to keep it interesting and give people something to come back for. It’s a great way to show your new art. I really like showing point A to point Z during a project. Sometimes I feature things I see that are of interest  on other blogs (always ask permission first). Some of my content is about my dog who is a real character, I did a recent flyer featuring my dog. On my blog we can also add a snippet of a sentence or two to help entice people to swing in for a look. One time I was having the blues about my art and the short phrase I chose was “my art sucks”…boy did I get a lot of interesting  comments and a bunch of hits. Pictures are always good I use them almost every time I post. Try to be concise, sometimes you don’t need many words, people tend not to read long rambling posts. I try to mix it up, with tips and suggestions to just posting art. Spell check everything!

Clearly Something Big was about to Happen by Claudia Roulier
What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

Well I like to listen to the tv in the other room and my favorite show is NCIS and on the week ends the scifi channel, just can’t get enough of bad horror and sci fi moves…lol. It’s in the other room so it works like background noise to help keep me from getting distracted. In my studio down in town I have a ipod with podcasts from a couple of local art podcast shows and music which runs the from old Walyon Jennings and Johnny Cash, to vintage rock ‘n roll, Leon Russell and some BB King. I have eclectic taste I guess. However I do have strict work rules for myself and work during my studio time whether it’s home or down town. I’m pretty serious when it comes to not wasting time.

Fetch 3 by Claudia Roulier

What’s coming next from your easel?

Currently I have a big show in May coming up, so I doing both clay assemblages and paintings, for that show. I’m hoping to have one semi big installation piece made up of smaller pieces, the clay molded ones I’ve been working on and been blogging about. Also I will have new paintings which feature black and white animals and backgrounds which have a little more substance for that one as well. This show will loosely follow the sideshow carnival theme I have been exploring for a couple of years. Then in the fall a small group of artists will be doing a carnival happening show in the district and another one in Boulder. I will also have another show at Pirate the other co-op at roughly the same time. So I will be crazy busy late summer into winter! Keeps me thinking and working hard.


Thank you Claudia for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Vicky Knowles

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week comes to us all the way from Wibbley World, “Where nothing bad every happens! Well, nothing really bad…” Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Artist Vicky Knowles

Who and where are you?

Vicky Knowles, I live in Basking Ridge, NJ.  My blog is “The Art of Wibble”

Captain Pankirk by Vicky Knowles

How did you get started art blogging?

Back in 2007 my husband started a very successful blog, he encouraged me to do it myself.  I actually started mine in 2008 although at first I was very lackadaisical in my posting habits

Moonlight for Monsters by Vicky Knowles

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

I would recommend posting as frequently as possible, every day if you can, even if its just sketches or discussing something you’re working on.   If you can’t post every day, then try to stick to some sort of a schedule so that people know what to expect and don’t just give up on checking your blog.  I admit I’m much better at giving this advice than following it, although over the last few months I’ve made a concerted effort to post at least a little more frequently and have seen my followers pretty much double.

For content, I suggest including a lot of pictures. I suppose it goes without saying that you would have lots in an art blog, but even if you’re not posting new work you should try to get some pictures in there.   I think people also like to see a little of the more personal stuff too, so they can feel like they’re getting to know the artist.

Another thing is that it’s important to always reply to comments people leave about your posts.  That sounds like common sense but not everyone does it, which to me gives a negative impression.  It’s also important to visit other blogs and comment there, but not in a “come and look at MY blog” sort of way.  Linking to (and following) other blogs is a good idea too because those people might link back to you!  I think it’s better to keep your links relevant however (if your blog is primarily an art blog & not just a personal blog).

And finally, I recommend linking your online presences as much as possible, have your blog post to facebook & twitter etc.   It’s also a good idea to use the same (or similar) names for all of your online presences, this helps with branding and makes it easier for people to find you.

Murder by Vicky Knowles
What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I don’t listen to music too much when I’m painting.  Since my daughter is usually in my studio with me while I’m working, I let her put what she wants on TV while she uses my computer.  Nickelodeon & Disney aren’t my ideal choices for background sounds, but I’d rather have her company.  When I’m alone I like listening to audio books, podcasts, and  movies or tv (preferably stuff I can just listen to without having to actually watch since I can’t see either my monitor or the tv while painting).  I find that this is more engrossing and less disruptive while I’m working than music, which seems to require constant involvement for some reason.

Chipmunk on the Moon, Twice by Vicky Knowles

What’s coming next from your easel?

2011 is going to be the year of cuteness (I hope!). I’ve also been working on some very miniature paintings (“Micro-Wibbles”) that I will be showing soon. I also plan to do most of my listing on ETSY, with the exception of my entries for the Nibblefest Art Contest on eBay each month.


Thank you Vicky for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Sherry Key

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week began as a ceramic artist, but hasn’t been afraid to take her creativity to the limit. She now paints, draws and even sculpts the surreal and fantastic–she is a true gem!

Who and where are you?

Sherry Key, North Texas, Dallas area, out in the country, renting, living the life of an artist on evenings and weekends, when I’m off work at my day job. I received several scholarships for sculpture and ceramics on merit of my work and that’s really the only art training I’ve had. I’ve had my share of tragedies in life, and health issues, but we have choices we can make, and so far my therapy is focusing on the humorous and surreal in my art. I’m also a Licensed Massage Therapist and for a few years I taught Anatomy and Physiology and other therapist to become therapist.

Celadon Green Speckled Pot

How did you get started art blogging?

It’s all the fault of my EBSQ community and my new EBSQ friends. Thanks to them I have been introduced to the wonderful world of blogging. I feel like I have my own little newsletter and I am the one with total control…HA, HA, HA (evil laugh).  I can feature what or whom I want and love the networking aspect of it. I use WordPress and they are coming out with new themes frequently that my inner artist can’t seem to resist playing with.

Maiden, Turret and the Moon

Any tips for other EBSQ bloggers?

Like I have seen other bloggers say frequently, keep your material fresh and current. People love to see your latest artwork. Sometimes I would like to post two or three different post a day but I have to make myself slow down because I want my newest post to have a chance to be seen. In April I started featuring other EBSQ artist on my blog. It is great networking. I add links to their blogs, profiles and portfolios, so if someone clicks on those links, and it leads them to check out other art and artist, and blogs, and websites, then that increases exposure for other artist AND myself.
I have noticed anything tagged photograph or photography like my hand colored photos, seems to get frequent hits. I get hits on “Nibblefest”entries, “EBSQ” show entries, “My Featured Artist”, and my ACEO gallery.  Also people love “How To” or the “Making of” posts. Since I learned how to do fractals for the EBSQ Fractal show I am offering those and any new ones I create, as free desktop wallpaper to encourage people to Fan, or Like me, on Facebook, etc.

Carissa Portrait Swap

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?
My music choices are varied and many. I love good Rock and Blues. I don’t listen to music much when I am creating. I have the T.V. on most of the time. I’m a big sci-fi nut and love comedy too. I am by myself a lot so I like something going on in the background. If I am really trying to concentrate on a piece, I will watch something I’ve seen before so it doesn’t distract me.

Church of the Red Sun

What’s coming next from your easel?

I recently got to do an “EBSQ Live” on hand coloring photos which was a lot of fun. My mediums of interest, to name a few, are clay, oil pastels, colored pencils and ink, hand coloring photos, fiber art and jewelry. I am doing a lot of ACEO’s, at least four or five a week, so I always have one of them in the pipeline and they have been doing pretty well on Ebay. I have several different “series” I am working on in those. I don’t have anywhere to fire my sculptures at the moment, so have been working with polymer clays.

I try to enter something in most of the EBSQ shows so whatever shows are coming up next I will be working on pieces for those. Entering the shows has really given me incentive to stretch and hone my abilities, especially my painting and drawing skills. As far as blogging goes I still want to add more pages, galleries, etc., and I have some pages that are not fully developed yet that I want to work on too.


Thank you Sherry for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Laura Barbosa

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week art is a bold, rich and diverse reflection of the creative mind. She is an artist without limits, one who lets her muse take the driver’s seat.

Who and Where Are You?

Hello, my name is Laura Barbosa and I am a full time fine artist & business owner. I live off the sales of my original paintings and fine art prints. My art is collected on an International Level and my artwork has been featured on HGTV, Published in Hair’s How Magazine, NY ARTS Magazine, Forbes & more.

I am also a mom to 2 wonderful dogs including a therapy dog named Henna. My free time is spent visiting nursing homes and spreading the Joy that only a dog can bring. We live in South New Jersey near the Seaside Boardwalk where they filmed the reality show “Jersey Shore”.

Eagle Feathers 30 x 40 Acrylic

How did you get started art blogging?

When I first started selling my paintings over the internet, I read many articles and found out that Art Blogging was an essential key element to getting noticed by the public. I also wanted a place where I could post my artwork and explain my techniques so I had articles for future reference. My first blog post was not very good because I thought about what I would say and put the words down very mechanically. But through the years, I have learned that any article or blog worth reading must come from the heart. This revelation also helped me name my wordpress blog: “The Heart Of Art Blog – A Virtual Meeting Ground For Art lovers” Since then my art blog has become a diary of my artwork, events, commissions, tips on techniques, a place to share my inner thoughts about selling art, and the best place for me to write down my true feelings and interact with the public. The Heart Of Art Blog has gained popularity through facebook and also has introduced me to many other artists who are now great friends and influential clients and galleries.

Steam 24 x 36 Acrylic & Ink

Any Tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

My tips would be to keep your blog posts short and interesting and write your true feelings down like you are talking to a best friend. Post at least 3 times a week, something about you as an artist, your new work, your techniques and anything that you think is interesting. Also make sure that your photos are very clear and that you post photos in the majority of your blog posts because people love looking at pictures as a reference to what you are talking about. If you have a face book page, get the app for your blog so you can share your posts automatically with your friends and fans.

Day of the Dead 30 X 40 Acrylic

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you are working in your studio?

Well, my secret is: I love the Vampire Diaries! I download songs from the soundtrack so I can listen to them while I work. If I am in a more serious mood and creating art with great detail, I might change over to classical music or Andrea Bocelli. The only other ritual I have is clearing my mind before I start working either by taking the dogs for a walk or sitting in the yard for awhile to relax. One thing is for sure: Painting original art on canvas must be done when you have the best desire to do it. I can never force creativity, it just has to flow subconsciously or it won’t turn out very good. I think it is a lot like writing a good blog post from the heart. A good painting must come from the soul.

Uncanny Valley 24 x 36 Acrylic & Inks

What’s coming next for your easel?

I could go on forever answering this question! I have so many ideas, that I literally carry a sketch book with me wherever I go to jot down my future paintings. My next piece is going to involve texture and will include a tropical theme. Maybe some pelicans or ocean art. After that I must paint some fish for the summer. Fish paintings sell out very quickly for me. What I really want to do is a giant abstract for modern interiors, something that includes half faces and industrial mechanisms. There are so many ideas, I usually just decide what I am going to do when I am staring at the canvas, then it happens quickly and finishing it could take any length of time depending on the detail and subject matter. So stay tuned for a lot more art. There is no telling what I will come up with next!


Thank you Laura for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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