Get Inspired: Picasso

The Absinthe Drinker by Picasso

Action is the foundational key to all success.

— Pablo Picasso

Don’t sit around waiting for success to find you!

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Is your art marketing a hot mess?

Mothering Chaos by EBSQ Artist Kelli Ann Dubay
Mothering Chaos by EBSQ Artist Kelli Ann Dubay

So. You’ve been reading up on how to market your art, gathering advice and tips from a smathering of friends, colleagues, and online experts.  You believe in your art. You’ve got the requisite accounts at EBSQ (obviously), Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  You have a blog. (You even occasionally update your blog.)  So, why isn’t it all coming together?

Sometimes it takes an outside eye to see what you’re missing. To that end, we’re looking for up to three artists to review, critique, and case study.  Totally on us.

Interested? Leave us a comment with your name, EBSQ Artist url, and let us know why you want our help. If you’re chosen, you’ll get to work with us for 90 days, totally for free, to see if we can help jump start your marketing efforts and find you some greater success.  We’ll be profiling our selected artists during the case study via the EBSQ blog. Even if you aren’t one of the lucky artists selected, we hope our case studies will be able to help you as well!

Ready? Let’s get started!

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Open Thread-Is art on eBay over?

Smallest Painting on eBay by Jim Harrington
Smallest Painting on eBay by Jim Harrington

I got a rather meaty set of questions in my inbox the other day from EBSQer Catherine LaChance. I’m re-posting it here (with her permission) :

Hi Amie!

I have a question. I was wondering if the “old” ways of selling art on eBay are obsolete. It seems there have been many changes since the past few years, and I used to successfully sell art on eBay, while nowadays it’s harder.

A few years ago, I used to put EBSQ in my title – nowadays, it seems almost nobody does that anymore. Also, I used to add watermarks to all my pictures. Is it still a thing to do?

I saw that my big paintings aren’t selling, but if I sell ACEO’s, they seem to be the most popular format and they sell better. Are there still people (for example in the EBSQ Juried category) who still start their art at 99$ and sell? Or are we now reduced to sell ACEO’s only?

I know I’m asking “big” questions, it’s just that I’m a bit confused as to how the art market has changed on eBay.

Can you tell me if what I’ve been observing is right?

Thank you!


So–I figured you all are smarter about this sort of thing than I am since I’ve been on an active-selling hiatus for a while and all of my knowledge is second hand.  I’ve heard a lot from former eBayers who are now selling their originals almost exclusively on Etsy, via their EBSQ portfolios, their personal websites, etc. But what about those of you who have stuck it out at eBay? What’s it like out there? Any strategies you’d like to share for finding success on eBay without going broke in the process? Or is the heyday of great sales for independent artists on eBay finally at an end?