Friday Five

The Incongruous Meeting by Shawn Marie Hardy

1. Today’s featured Friday Five art is The Incongruous Meeting by Shawn Marie Hardy. If you’re not familiar with her art, I invite you to explore her imaginative portfolio!

2. Drawn Today has an excellent podcast on the benefits and pitfalls of social media for artists and the art industry. Listen to it here: Podcast Episode 46: The Social Network.

3. Hands-On Art at the MoMA – Please Touch the Replicas of Lygia Clark’s Work. Really?? Yes.

4. Why a Color Chart and Color Wheel are a MUST-HAVE for Painters via

5. EBSQ Artists, do you have an upcoming exhibition? Let me know and I’ll feature you in the Friday Five. Contact me at amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com



EBSQ Friday Five

Tuxedo Dreamin' by Christine Striemer

1. Before I saw the title of Christine Striemer’s Code’s latest painting, I thought, what a lovely dream-like quality. Spot on! Cat lovers will fall for Tuxedo Dreamin’.

2. Don’t forget to download Maureen Frank’s January Mandala – Confidence. “Our confidence comes with remembering and celebrating our past and present accomplishments regardless of how trivial.”

3. The clock is ticking for our January Art Exhibits. Have you entered? Check them out today – Penguins and Flower of the Month: Snowdrops.

4. An interesting article from – Are you over-sharing your artwork?

5. Artkick founder brings Bill Gates’ digital art dream to life – Read about the project and check out the Artkick App. What do you think about this new way to bring art to the public?

EBSQ Friday Five

Cavaliere Errante by Alessandro Andreuccetti

1. Alessandro Andreuccetti mixed media painting Cavaliere Errante was impossible to miss on the front page of EBSQ this morning. I love the burst of colors on top of the text. Magnifico!

2. Did you know the University of California Press has over 770 ebooks available for free to the public? There is a collection of books on Architecture, Art, Art History, Art Theory and many more subjects. Browse the public ebooks by subject here.

3. Ever wondered how often you should be posting to different social media outlets? It could make a difference to how you market you art!

4. Art Installation at J.F.K. Faces Possible Destruction – It would be a crime to destroy this installation. Anyone have a 600 ft wall available?

5. 12 Things You Should Never Say To An Artist 😉

EBSQ 1:1 – What is your preferred social media site?

Jasmine Becket-Griffith

My favourite social media site is definitely Facebook. For visual artists I think it is the best way to connect with fans and collectors because it is a great balance of pictures, text, and important apps like Event Calendars. I love posting photos of projects I’m working on while they’re still in progress – most of the time I end up selling a painting before it’s even finished, and it’s also a great way to invite discussion from artists & budding artists about technique & process. The Events app is also a wonderful way to post all of my upcoming art shows and to let people know what I’m up to!

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Faces of Faery 207 by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Windi Rosson

My favorite social media site would be Facebook. I use my fan page to promote my art everyday. via direct sales, etsy stores, auctions, showing works in progress, you name it. It can all be viewed by my collectors in one place. The various artists groups are great too, for interacting with other artists from all over the world.

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Girls Night In by Windi Rosson

Sara Burrier

For my business I prefer using Facebook. It allows me to more closely interact with my followers, promote, and see how others are moving my work around. I also find it so simple to take a picture and share as I work from the drawing table with my phone.

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Day of Joy by Sara Burrier

EBSQ Friday Five

Winetrwood by Mark Satchwill

1. Winterwood – EBSQ Artist Mark Satchwill, may be best known for his portraits, but he proves he can paint anything with this wonderful winter landscape.

2. EBSQ January Exhibits – Today is the first day to vote in January’s online exhibits. We have two shows: FOTM – Mixed Bouquet and Norse Mythology.

3. Getting Ready for the Circus Show – Claudia Roulier shares how the background of her paintings evolve.

4. How to Choose the Best Social Media Outlet – Don’t have time for multiple social networking sites? All you really need to do is pick the right one for you and your art. This article from shares some great tips!

5. Stay Connected with EBSQ – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Forum

Building Trust with Online Art Buyers

You Can Trust Me by Kris Jean

Building trust with online art buyers is essential. The internet is home to thousands of artist websites, online marketplaces, galleries and arts organizations. Standing out is the key to being noticed, but trust turns a visitor into a buyer. In a recent EBSQ forum discussion, I brought up the importance of portraying your true self online. For the most part, online buyers don’t get to meet you in person and a computer screen only offers a two-dimensional view of an individual. It’s therefore vital for us to show potential buyers that we are “real” people. We want them to trust us and buy our art. That’s not to say that an online persona can’t achieve success, but as it turns out, there is a trend toward buyers choosing to purchase from an individual over a logo. has an excellent article on building trust through social media. Here are their five tips:

1. Don’t Make it About “You”

“It’s about the community. People aren’t going to follow you if all you do is try to sell them stuff and promote yourself. Become a trusted resource, instead of a salesperson.”

2. Be sociable

“…the next time you think about listing one of your art pieces, take the time to figure out how you can present that piece in a more social manner.”

3. Show the real you

“Use a photo of yourself for your profile image, not a photo of your art, or company logo. People want to connect with people, not products or businesses.”

4. Respond to your fans

“When you respond to your fans (or customers)…have a conversation with them.”

5. Be consistent

“From how you portray your company across various social networks, to how often you post…”

I’ve reiterated many of these tips before. They are not new ideas–they are trusted rules. The quotes above are from the heads of different companies and marketing firms. Following these tips, over time, will build trust with your online following and when it comes time for them to make a purchase, either for themselves or as a gift, they’ll go with someone they know. Be sure to check out the full article at

Taking a Second Look at Tumblr

Tumblr is not a new site, but it has grown by leaps and bounds over the last three years. More often than not I see things posted on Pinterest which came directly from someone’s Tumblr site. In simple terms, Tumblr is three things:

A. A community

B. A blogging site

C. The father of Pinterest

Tumblr tends to be image heavy, attracting new artists and photographers to the site daily. Members follow blogs and reblog what they love (the pin and repin model). Some Tumblr sites consist of only reblogs. This is supported and encourage. If you run a creative business, Tumblr can be a great way to introduce your art to its members. Tumblr is also a perfect site for those artists who find the writing side of blogging a challenge. They have themes set up to look like galleries. All you have to do is post your picture, add a caption and you’re done! My personal Tumblr site is a combination of my art, things I love, and reblogs from other Tumblr sites.

If you’re a resistant blogger, Tumblr might be worth your time. I treat Tumblr as an additional creative outlet. It does not replace my blog, it is something entirely new. It also does not eat into my busy schedule. I spend about 15-20 minutes on the site every other day, posting something and checking out the other sites I follow. If you decide to take the plunge and need a little help EBSQ artists can contact me through my profile page.

Tumblr FAQs

  • As of June 8, 2012, Tumblr has over 58.9 million blogs.
  • Half of Tumblr’s visitor base is under the age of 25.
  • The slogan, We are the 99%, originated from a Tumblr blog.
  • Tumblr has an Superb App for blogging on the go.