EBSQ Spotlight on Artist Made Jewelry: Carmen Trueheart

This month’s featured gallery is Artist Made Jewelry. Handcrafted jewelry is not only an expression of the artist who created it but of the one who wears it.  Whether created in silver or gold; plain or sparkling with gems and stones, artist made jewelry is a coming together of personalities that is unique. Throughout the remainder of March, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s Jewelry artists.

Carmen Trueheart

Molten Metal Medallion - Carmen Trueheart
My entire family on my mother’s side has artistic talent.  My mother is a water colorist who really has a way with color, one of my brothers does all strictly black and white caricatures in acrylic but won’t let anyone but family see his work, and my other brother makes amazing things like sculptures and air gun paintings.  And me, I make jewelry.  I have always had an interest in beads and therefore have a self-taught knowledge base of the history of beads.  To add to it, I was a hippie, perhaps I still am one.  As we all may know Hippies loved beads!  The last 10 years or so have granted me the time to take classes in silversmithing, and Precious Metal Clay, as well as learning peyote and other bead stitch work.  Collecting vintage and some ancient beads and gemstones is another thing that I lovingly do.   Precious Metal Clay is what I concentrate my efforts on these days.  I find that it allows me to use the creative energy that I must use and allows me to blend it with my beads and gemstones.  I love working with my hands, and all of the techniques to be used with Metal Clay is just the right mix of challenge and artistic expression that makes me continue creating new baubles, pretty things of adornment. – Carmen Trueheart

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