How to add a PayPal button to your EBSQ Art Portfolio

by guest contributor Torrie Smiley

First, let me warn you~  I have had no formal computer training.   There is no computer lingo in the instructions and lots of pictures!


Listing from Gallery


Upload/Edit Art Case

You can add a PayPal button through editing your item or when you initially add your item to your Art Case.

Fill in the appropriate information for your listing.  I like to include a brief description about the composition, the specifics regarding materials used, and the purchasing and shipping details.  I separate these paragraphs with the funny symbol

This tells the computer to insert a space between the paragraphs.  I also use the curly-cue at the upper left of the keyboard and stars to separate different sections of the listing.  If you notice at the end of the listing after the PayPal button, I have included an EBSQ counter so I can watch the views of the listing.


Select the tab for Merchant Services

Under Create Buttons in the center left column, select/click Buy Now


You are now ready to create your PayPal button!

Fill in Item name.  I enter the title of my painting and the size.  Just to the right, I enter the painting name in the Item ID box.

Now, fill in the Price for your item.

Continuing down the page……


Next, enter your Shipping.  In my listings, I use a flat shipping fee that I enter by selecting Use Specific amount.

~~Don’t be frightened by the “pop-up” shipping information, just click it off if it does not apply to you~~~ (I always click it off)

You have now completed the basic information for a PayPal button and can select the Create Button.

(There are other options on this page that don’t pertain to me…but may to you; fill out these areas if you need them included with your PayPal information.)

Here is the “code” for your PayPal button:


Select/Click on Select Code.  This will highlight all of the text in the box.  “Right click” your mouse to copy.

Now, go back to you listing in your Art Case:


Select the spot on your listing (artist statement for this piece) where you would like your PayPal button to be and “right click” and “Paste”

All done…..sort of…..

On my listings, I like everything separated out to make it easier to read on smaller computer screens.

The <p> is the symbol to add a space and I do this before I paste the PayPal code and at the end of the code to set the button apart with spaces.

Save your listing, and then check out your button on “View my Profile” public view. 


To make sure everything works as expected, open the listing as if you were a buyer and click your new button. 


If you were successful with your button creation, you should arrive at a log in screen to with your painting information at the top.


You can now sell your art directly from your gallery.  Pay attention to your emails from PayPal.  That is how you will know you have a sale!

One final note: once you DO make that sale, make sure to remove your button from your listing, or someone could try to buy the same item again!

Torrie Smiley

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