EBSQ Friday Five


1. Jail Bull – Melinda Dalke’s Halloween pooches are some of the cutest at EBSQ. Be sure to check out the rest of her blog for other Halloween canines.

2. Licensed KiniArt Westie Scrubs – The title says it all. Delightful Westies of Kim Niles’ imagination can now be found on scrubs!

3. How to Self-Publish an Art Book – More great advice from EmptyEasel.com for anyone who’s thinking of publishing an art book.

4. Sign up for the EBSQ Halloween Showcase – Upload art to the EBSQ Halloween Gallery and then visit the forums to let me know you’d like to be included!

5. Do you have a news worthy post you’d like to see in the EBSQ Friday Five? Email me at amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.



Artist Guide: Creating Your Success: Online Self-Publishing

by Natasha Wescoat

Being successful doesn’t mean it must be determined through traditional channels. Media moguls are cutting college to develop their successful technology, artists are fending off traditional education in favor of self education, and writers are finding they don’t have to go through publishers to follow their dreams.

The world of DIY (Do-it-yourself) and POD (Print On Demand) is becoming a norm. Buyers are beginning to view self published products the same as traditionally produced items. It’s a matter of hard work, savvy, and marketing efforts that determine whether you will find success in your craft or not.

But, having said that, my point to be made is that one is no longer confined to the strict standards of traditional publishing and licensing markets. We have the ability to offer t-shirts, home decor, postage, cds, dvds, movies, books, magazines, calendars, and more custom designed, written, and produced by US. Edited and formated by us.

Because of companies like Zazzle, Imagekind, Cafepress, Lulu, and Blurb, we can be our OWN editors, designers, producers, clothing designers, merch retailers, writers, marketers, pr, and more.

We determine the deadlines.

We make choices on content and value.

We decide when something sells and when it’s retired.

We can offer limited editions, special editions, special series, one of a kind products that noone can get anywhere else but from YOU. We can create our own success.

November 2007: Radiohead Embraces the Self-Representing Artists Movement

Shadows of Passion for Second Life by Amarilli A.
Amarilli A.

Last month saw some great strides in the Self Representing Artists movement by a little band you might have heard of once or twice: Radiohead. Rather than letting a record company call the shots, they spent the past 2 years making exactly the album they wanted and then released it as a download on their website. They even let the fans decide how much they wanted to pay for the download. This kind of trust in their fans and in themselves is exactly what the self-representing artist’s movement is all about. Artists putting their work out there for the public, available directly from the artist. It’s an amazingly liberating feeling. Getting to connect one-on-one with people who are excited about your art is becoming less rare, as it should. Obviously, the indie movement in art, craft, and music, is nothing new. Prince has been in on the secret for ages. But it’s gathering strength. And with the advent of social media and dozens of new ways to share one’s work, these artists (us!) are taking the world by storm. So the next time you hear someone snort and say that the self-rep movement is for hobbyist hacks who can’t get a gallery, send ’em to Thom Yorke. Or Trent Reznor. Or even Madonna. They’ll be happy to set them straight.
Amie Gillingham
1 November 2007
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Amethyst Lobster   Live Studio: Making Jewelry From Found Objects
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Amie Gillingham   Featured Artist: Lauren Cole-Abrams
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