EBSQ Friday Five

Perch by Shawn Marie Hardy

1. Art Seen: At first glance on the EBSQ homepage, I would not have guessed this imaginative piece was collage. Perch by Shawn Marie Hardy thought-provoking, seamless and beautiful. Check it out!

2. Learning Resources: Tip #125 – Unusual (Found) Drawing Tools – I want to make an Ent Pen!!

3. In the News: Art or porn? Discovery Green statues raise eyebrows, discussion – Just my opinion here, but nudity does not always equal porn.

4. Exhibits: Calling all EBSQ Artists – Do you create fan art? Or maybe you’ve been tempted to portray your favorite Doctor or Superhero? Don’t miss our Celebrating Fan Art Exhibit!

5. Self-Promotion: Artists learn promotion is selling yourself, not selling out


EBSQ Friday Five

Have you seen Gary?

1. Today’s featured art for the Friday Five is a call for help. Christine E Striemer’s cat Gary is missing. She’s offering an award for whoever finds him: My sweet little Gary went missing Oct 21/2013. An 8″ x 8″ custom pet portrait (or any 8″ x 8″ painting of your choosing) goes to whoever finds her in Eston, SK area!

UPDATE: Gary has been found!! She’s safe and sound at home with Christine. 🙂

2. We are nearing the end of our fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Don’t forget, when you make a donation of $5 or more I’ll send you an ACEO and you get entered to win a Think Pink bracelet by Lisa Wiktorek. See the full details here: Raising Funds for National Breast Cancer Foundation.

3. Speaking of Think Pink, have you entered EBSQ’s annual exhibit? The clock is ticking. Enter the Think Pink 2013 Exhibit today!

4. EBSQ artist Michele Lynch posted her show schedule for October through December. See it on the Michele Lynch Art Blog.

5. Exhibition Without Walls recently interviewed EBSQ member Michael Glover on his amazing HDR Photography. Congrats, Michael!

EBSQ Friday Five

1. Little Girl Ponies – This recent painting by Angie Reed Garner caught my attention when I read her description, I tried to recreate one of the million endless pony drawings I did as a little kid. I grew up around horses and always had a sketchbook. I had a million endless pony drawings too.

2. June MOTM: Space & Time – Love this month’s mandala by Maureen Frank: This mandala reminds us that while it would appear that we each exist in our own little worlds, our own little “boxes”…in reality we are all the same and we are all connected.

3. Trying out an Idea – Took Gallagher is having fun in her studio this week. I love seeing an artist’s process! Check out this post and yesterday’s for an update.

4. Sell more Art – Delilah Smith has some interesting tips and thoughts on selling more art, something that’s not so easy to do in today’s economy.

5. Do you have a newsworthy blog post to share with EBSQ subscribers? Let me know about it in advance. Email me at: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

Have a great weekend!

EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Took Gallagher

Artist Took Gallagher

Who and where are you?

I am Took Gallagher, a self-taught artist living in Northville, Michigan. I have a never-ending curiosity and I am very easily entertained and amused. I find a lot of my inspiration in song lyrics and random phrases. I am an active Art-o-mat artist, as well as the host of two Art-o-mat machines in the Detroit area. I love my cats, Detroit Derby Girls roller derby, cotton candy, and playing Magic: the Gathering.

Bingo by Took Gallagher

How did you get started art blogging?

I was first inspired by the multi-talented Elin Waterston (who is also a fellow Art-o-mat artist) who was doing a carving a day for her 365 Project. I followed in her footsteps and my blog began as a way for me to work daily on my various Art-o-mat series. After the first year was completed, I took a little time off from daily blogging and really missed it. This year I returned to the 365 format to do a sort of daily Creative Progress Report.

Chime Cat Visits Cloud City by Took Gallagher

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

Photos — links — show us what you are talking about. Don’t get hung up on the writing aspect of the blog. Speak in your own voice…it is much more fun and it helps the words to flow… and your readers will get to know “you”. (P.S. — Spell Check is your friend!)

Finger Puppet Art by Took Gallagher

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I turn my iTunes on “shuffle” and listen to random songs. I love Slade, Arthur Brown, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Laura Nyro, Motorhead, Hall & Oates,The Cure, The Decemberists, A Perfect Circle, Syd Straw, Jethro Tull, funk, Motown, world music, British Blues, British Invasion, metal, rock…actually I like a lot of different music…it would probably be easier to say what I don’t like.

Collaboration Art by Took Gallagher

What can we expect to see next from your studio?

More plaster cloth sculpture, relief prints, collage, mixed media assemblages. Plus plenty of collaborative projects — like my series “Penciled In” — I make the drawings and artist friends add their own special touches with colored pencils.


Thank you Took for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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