O yea! O yea! A royal sale is on!

Bluebird of Happiness by EBSQ Artist Sherry KeyThose of you know know me even slightly likely know that I’m a bit of an Anglophile, and Happy British Things are usually excuses for a sale. The birth of Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is no exception!

Grab these royal savings through the end of July!

  •     Monthly memberships for just $6.50 (click here)
  •     A full year for just $66 (click here)
  •     A pay-once-and-you’re done permanent account for $299 (click here)

Already member and want one of these better rates/different plans? Feel free to grab one. We’ll then cancel your existing plan and update your account accordingly.

So pip pip, cheerio, and save a few quid in the process!

Image at right: Bluebird of Happiness by EBSQ Artist Sherry Key

With gratitude,

-Amie on behalf of Team EBSQ
Supporting living artists since 2000

PS This is a special email & social-media only event, with these prices not advertised on the EBSQ site. So feel free to pass these savings on!



A special appeal on Cyber Monday

12 years ago, EBSQ began in a small 2-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve now doubled in size (4 total employees instead of just Bill and me), we *finally* own our own servers, and the bulk of the day-to-day work is done via an ancient laptop on my dining room table. In the past dozen years, we’ve seen competitors, many of whom had a lot of capital backing them, go by the wayside. There’s no question, it’s a tough market for artists–and the sites that support them. I suspect it’s our very smallness that has kept us going where others have failed. But we’re ready to grow. And we need your help to do that.

Bill has spent the last 6 months re-writing 100% of the EBSQ site code in another programming language (and let me tell you, this was no easy feat!). This will make the site significantly faster, and it will be easier to maintain–and extend. And over the next 6 weeks, we will be fine-tuning as we prepare to launch what we think is a gorgeous version of the site that WILL include e-commerce. Now, something I have lobbied for time-and-again is for the advertising to go away. It’s ugly, it detracts from the art, and frankly, it slows down page load time. But it’s been a necessary evil since it’s how we’ve kept the lights on. I’m not going to lie; each month when that money comes in is a HUGE relief.

Here’s how you can help: plain and simple, we need more members to make up for the huge deficit that going advertising-free would create. To be exact, we need 150 new monthly members before the end of December.

Today through the end of November, monthly memberships, normally $8.95, will be on sale at the grandfathered rate of just $6.50 a month. That’s less than a month of Netflix. And for this week only, we’re making Permanent Accounts available for the discounted price of $499.

Will you help us grow? We are calling all former members, all of the artists who have been on the fence about joining, and on current members to lobby their artist friends on our behalf. Please, we need you. Each and every one of you. Come grow with us.

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Thank you for your consideration. And from us, to you, have an artful holiday season!
With gratitude,
-Amie Gillingham
co-founder, EBSQ
Supporting self-representing artists since 2000

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Our LAST EVER Annual & Permanent Account Sale is ON!

Tom Had to Think Quickly by EBSQ Artist Nancy Denommee
Tom Had to Think Quickly by EBSQ Artist Nancy Denommee

Yes, the rumours are true. We’re retiring the annual and permanent account billing options for EBSQ on 1 August 2012* and moving to monthly-billing only for new members. If you’d like to grandfather in with either type of account, here’s your chance to do it at a discount! For this week only, we are offering both account-types at last year’s Cyber Monday sales price.

Grab an annual account for just $66/year (a $23 saving over the current rate) or a permanent account for just $349 (that’s half off the $699 list price!)

*It is important to note that people who have annual billing get to keep their rates for as long as they stay a member. We are firm believers in grandfathered rates. And obviously, permanent accounts are permanent. We’re a small family business and we appreciate your support of our services and community. Without you, we don’t exist.

Both deals are open to new and existing members. So click here to grab what is easily our best deal of the year today!

Of course, we’ll always offer monthly memberships!

Huge cheers,

-Amie on behalf of Team EBSQ

PS Don’t let this chance to grab a grandfathered-rate annual or half-price permanent account pass you by. Upgrade your account today!

This week, we’re going to party like it’s 2002!

"Tom Had to Act Qucky" by EBSQ Artist Nancy Denommee
"Tom Had to Act Qucky" by EBSQ Artist Nancy Denommee

If you’ve been around EBSQ for a while, you may know that Cyber Monday typically equals our Annual Half-Price Permanent Account Sale. We’d like to think that’s a pretty sweet deal (pay once and you’re done for this kind of professional portfolio space is pretty unheard of). But we know, in this sour economy, and most especially after Black Friday when everyone and their mother is competing for what’s left in your wallet, that a permanent account isn’t always doable. Heck, for some of you, our regular membership dues almost don’t feel doable. 2011 has flat out been a Very. Hard. Year.

What we propose is something rather radical. We keep offering you the same great service as always,but at the rates that were available a decade ago.That’s right: for 4-days only, we’re rolling back EBSQ memberships to 2002 prices!

And the awesome thing is *everyone* is eligible for this special deal, including current EBSQ members who might be paying higher rates. We welcome you to take this opportunity to roll into our lowest grandfathered rate as our holiday gift to you, and as thanks for sticking with EBSQ.

We have gift memberships for as little as $66 (talk about a green gift!)

As always on Cyber Monday, we’re also offering our permanent accounts (normally $699) for just $349 –payment plan options available!

So consider giving the gift of art this holiday season; either for a worthy artist on your list, or for yourself. Watching the nightly news has become very depressing. We think the world needs more art. And artists.

Happy Holidays,

Amie Gillingham on behalf of Team EBSQ

PS Click here to start saving! But remember, the sale ends on 1 December 2011!

Consider supporting EBSQ on this Small Business Saturday

It may seem strange that an online community website is asking for your support today. But I hope you’ll hear me out.

EBSQ Self Representing Artists was established in 2000 by California artist John Seed as a community of artists who sold their work on eBay. The whole mysterious “EBSQ” moniker is derived from e-Basquiats and was created as a way for art buyers to find original artists amid a sea of cheap foreign reproductions and sweat-shop copiests.  So our original mission was, and is, to support individual artists who wanted to sell their work directly to art lovers.

In 2001, my husband and I bought the rights to EBSQ from John when poor health made his continuation with the group impossible (no worries, he’s ok now!). As a painter, I was already a member and heavily involved in the group, and my husband Bill, as a computer programmer, saw a ton of potential to take EBSQ from being a club to being a serious portal for both artists and art collectors. 10 years later, yes, we’re still a Mom-and-Pop, dedicated to helping artists get the visibility and online toolset they need to compete in a world where the competition from cheap reproductions and sweat-shop copiests has gotten even worse.

We know there are a lot of choices for art portfolio sites out there in 2011. We know there are a lot of excellent free choices available now, as well as paid services that often offer more bells and whistles than we can. But we do hope you’ll consider us as one of the baskets for your eggs, so to speak. We’re dedicated to service with a personal touch that many of our larger competitors simply cannot match. We answer our own email, we spend a lot of time just generally hanging out with our customers online (and occasionally offline!), and we’re constantly striving to make sure your art gets seen and your voices get heard.

So what do we have to offer you today?

Click here to find out!

Tick tock! Catch these artists deals before midnight!

Time by Christine E Striemer
Time by EBSQ Artist Christine E Striemer

Time is running out to catch one of these sweet deals for the artists on your holiday list:

25% off of 1-year Gift Accounts

50% off Permanent Accounts

and our introductory portfolio tune-up special for just $19.95!

Grab one or more of these deals by following the link below:


You’d better hurry since all of these deals turn back into pumpkins at the stroke of Midnight EST!

Grab these Cyber Monday Deals for Artists!

Greetings from EBSQ!

For those of you here in America, we hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, food, and perhaps a little football. And for the rest of you, we hope you had a fantastic (if slightly more normal) weekend. The holiday season is now upon us which brings us to: Cyber Monday!

EBSQ’s Cyber Monday Sale has a little something for every budget from 25% off gift memberships for a friend to our annual half-price permanent account sale to one-on-one time with a staff member for customized portfolio tune ups for yourself! Click here to check out these super holiday deals for artists. But you’d better hurry; these savings expire at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, 1 December 2010!

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you,
-Amie on behalf of Team EBSQ