EBSQ Spotlight on Digital Art: Ruth J. Jamieson

This month’s featured gallery is Digital Art. Digital Art is not defined by one genre or style but rather the means used to create it. With the advance of digital tools and software, anything is possible. Like any medium, Digital Art requires the talent, patience, skill, and creativity of the artist to come alive. Digital Art is limited only by the imagination (and skill) of the artist. This month we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s Digital artists.

Ruth J. Jamieson

Casting A Spell Of Death - Ruth J. Jamieson

Digital art is a recent addition to my creative repertoire, and my process is exploratory and sometimes experimental. In 2007 I discovered Print on Demand sites and as I prepared images of my paintings and pottery to be printed onto cards, mouse pads, mugs and other items I experimented with graphics software and all the wonderful things I could do with it. I create composite digital images using many various components, including fractal images.

I admired the ethereal beauty of the Fractal images that one my colleagues created and she introduced me to Apophysis, an open source program which generates random images based on mathematical formulas, which are called ‘flames’. These flames are swirls or sprays of colour. Using the software interface I change the mathematical formula and the image. Colourways and backgrounds can be changed and doing so can radically change the image by changing light values. The random abstract patterns and delicate quality of Apophysis fractals entrance me. I manipulate the flames until I create a representative image that pleases me. Each flame is a gift waiting for me to reveal what it contains. – Ruth J. Jamieson

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