EBSQ Friday Five

Calm by Jeanne Forsyth

1. Relief for Japan – Jeanne Forsyth is just one EBSQ artist painting for Japan through DailyPaintworks (DPW).

2. Sleeping Cat for Help Japan – Artist Erika Nelson is also participating in this special auction event. Please visit their blogs for more details.

3. The Bottom Line – Jennifer Lommers talks art fairs and that green stuff we all hope to stuff in our pockets.

4. WIP: Bonsai Pt. 2 – I love the new painting Kris Jean is working on in her studio. Check out this awesome WIP!

5. Secret Rock Revealed – Here’s another WIP I love, from a new EBSQ Artist, Maggie Stoller. Welcome to EBSQ!


Have a great weekend!