EBSQ Printmaking Challenge

We often have member created challenges on the EBSQ Forum. One of the challenges running at the moment is the Printmaking Challenge. Why print making? Host Aimee Dingman had this to say… “the reason I’m in the forum and hosting the challenge there is that printmaking is cathartic, surprisingly easy to start, and incredibly addictive. Because images must be first made in reverse, it is an excellent method for testing and refining techniques, as you must think about the image in two aspects.” There is also the small matter that the process can be quite enjoyable.

The theme of the challenge is Mythology. It started in October and runs through December 7th and artists may enter up to three prints so you don’t have to pick just one mythological subject. This challenge is open to everyone.

Interested yet? Did I mention there are prizes?

Here are the Printmaking Challenge particulars:

The printmaking challenge rules will be simple and the subject will be very loose, so we can get lots of people participating. There will be a prize for the winner and the runner-up.

First Place Prize: $25 Gift Certificate for either Daniel Smith or Dick Blick – Winner’s Choice!
Runner Up Prize: $10 Gift Certificate for Dick Blick or ASWExpress – Winner’s Choice!

1. The challenge is open to entries from October 7 – December 7. I realize that this is a busy time for most people, so hopefully this gives everyone a weekend or block of time somewhere to work.

2. The challenge is open to all methods of printmaking, but I think a special emphasis will be made of linocuts as it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to participate in printmaking without having experience or lots of equipment.

3. The challenge entries will be limited to 3 per artist, and should be made in an “Entries” thread which I will open tomorrow. I ask that that thread be used only for actual entries, and that comments be reserved for either this thread or for any individual thread devoted to the making of a particular entry made by the artist. Please scan or photograph your entry. Post it in the “Entries” thread, or send it to me directly and I will post it for you. You should include an explanation of your piece in accordance with the theme, and any notes about the process you wish to include.

4. There will be a popular vote after the close of the entry period. I’m willing to extend the voting past the holiday season if required, but I hope to have it close before the end of December.

With the particulars out of the way, here’s the theme:

Mythology. Greek, Roman, Norse, Judeo-Christian, Mesoamerican, or anything in between. You should embrace some aspect of mythology, whether it is a symbol, a pattern, a story, a deity, or all of the above, and create a print which embodies that idea.

I will be posting a piece inspired by the theme, but I will naturally not compete. I encourage you all to ask questions and discuss here. I think it would also be great to get some discussion going on process and inspiration. I hope we can all inspire each other!

Aimee Dingman

Click Printmaking to get to the Printmaking section of the EBSQ Forum.
This is where you enter you prints, ask questions, chat about printmaking and get information and tips on all things printmaking.

Now that I’ve got you are all fired up, get it in gear and go forth and print!

Entry deadline for August shows rapidly approaching

If you are planning to enter the August EBSQ shows, you had better get it in gear. The end of the month may be a few days away, but it will be here before we know it – especially for those of us with a holiday weekend coming up.  This means if you are participating in the Pet Portrait Swap and you haven’t finished, you really need to step it up so as not to disappoint your partner and miss out on the voting once the show closes. At the moment there is $50 dollars in the Pet Portrait Swap kitty.

If you are interested in seeing what has been entered in this month’s shows so far, you can see it all merely by visiting the EBSQ Shows page. There you can see entries in “Pet Portrait Swap ’08”, “Welcome To The Theatre” and the “Flower Of The Month: Begonias” shows. You can also utilize the chipin.com feature on the individual show pages to contribute to that show’s prize kitty. These prizes are awarded to the “Member’s Choice” winner for each show. The Member’s Choice winners are selected by the EBSQ membership.

Now go and create. It will be September soon!

EBSQ/ImageKind “Art Of The Equestrian” Show

There are 12 days left to enter work in the joint EBSQ/ImageKind show “Art Of The Equestrian”.  It’s a show where, not only will the winner find themselves with great prizes from ImageKind, but the exposure for every participant is fantastic. All the entries will appear on EBSQ and ImageKind. All show entries will also be available for purchase through ImageKind. If you are interested in learning more about “Art Of The Equestrian” – show requirements, prizes, juror information and current entries, click the banner below. If you are unfamiliar with ImageKind, you can get information on who they are and what they offer here
This really is a great opportunity to participate in something unique and get valuable exposure. I hope that many of you will participate and make “Art Of The Equestrian” a smashingly, wonderful show.

Art of the Equestrian