EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Erika Nelson

Artist Erika Nelson

Who and where are you?

Erika Nelson, but I’d rather be known as ArtByErika since it’s my domain name and it embodies many of my more important accomplishments. I’d also rather be known as an artist online because I seem to be moving from one state to another, but currently I am in Northwest Arkansas, USA, (it just doesn’t feel like home yet).

Tea and Peonies by Erika Nelson

How did you get started art blogging?

I’ve always kept a journal from age 7. I think it’s because I like writing and I like seeing my handwriting 🙂 Growing up in Catholic school in Asia in the Philippines specifically, penmanship, in it’s most legible and tidy condition, was really a worthy skill to master! Journal writing is another art expression of mine that has quickly gone south since I discovered I love computers! Still I am currently on my 2nd 10-year journal book which is quite neglected these recent years due to online blogging.

I remember I saw Robyn Hanzel had a Livejournal and I was so extremely excited that at the prospect of finally having readers (a purpose to expose my thoughts), and I could showcase images of my art as well and feel like a real writer! The rest is history and I’ve since moved to Blogspot because I find it has more traffic. So thanks Robyn for inspiring me!

Portraits by Erika Nelson

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

My biggest tip is not to get too wordy and try to have a focus like you need a focal point in your painting. People live busy lives and they’re looking for a quick read and hope to gain something (knowledge, humor, good news, etc). from the 5 minutes they have to spare. Must use IMAGES- they are wonderful baits! But same advise – try not to get carried away; too much of anything is too much.

Watercolors by Erika Nelson

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

The only musical preference I have for painting is radio music As long as I can’t predict what will play and hopefully it’s not music I am too familiar with or I begin to daydream and imagine myself on stage singing and my fans screaming out my name 😀 In most cases I tune into Classical music. But when I need to wake up, I play jazz and classic rock, 70s music. Most of the time I prefer quiet so I can hear the birds outside my window.

Portraits by Erika Nelson

What can we expect to see next from easel?

I just got back from a figurative workshop offered by a master artist Romel Delatorre so I feel very inspired! It’s always a surprise – some watercolors and some oils, some still life, maybe landscape as well. I am providing for 2 local galleries as well as my online artgoddess on Etsy! I also have a couple portrait commissions waiting for more attention and I try to participate in the Daily Paintworks challenge – I love mixing it up as it were! 🙂


Thank you Erika for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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