This month’s EBSQ Live: Hand Coloured Photographs

hosted by EBSQ Self-Representing Artists and Sherry Key
Monday, May 17th at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific)
EBSQ Chat Room

Seein Blue - Sherry Key

Hand coloring photographs – These ain’t your Grandma’s photo oils.

I have been hand coloring black and white photos for some years. Working on hand coloring with pencil, ink, marker, oils, pastels… in other words, anything but the old standby’s like Marshall’s photo oils. “Art Photos” help combine the natural expressions of an artist like me that enjoys working in various media such as sculpture, jewelry making, painting, drawing and photography. I can promise that this presentation will take you beyond your Grandma’s use of photo oils to hand tint and color photographs.

About the Presenter:

I started out early in life with a passion for reading and art. My family will tell you I have experimented in just about every media there is. During the 70’s – like so very many in the 70’s, I worked in macramé, decoupage and tole painting. In the early 90’s I received scholarships for sculpture and ceramics. I concentrated on 3-dimensional work like sculpture, pottery and jewelry but in the last year and a half since my son moved out, I have been focusing on honing my drawing and painting skills – working mostly with colored pencils, oil pastels and hand coloring photos.

By day I run a computer maintenance database. I live in Texas, in the North Dallas area and when not at work, I am creating. – Sherry Key


EBSQ 1:1 Heide Hibbard talks to Zoe Slocum

This week, EBSQ introduces a new feature. EBSQ 1:1 is simple in concept. One EBSQ member asks another EBSQ member three simple questions about themselves. The responses come in the form of photographs with short explanations. These are not deep, probing questions into the person as an artist. These are questions that will allow us to glimpse the artist as a person through the simple, ordinary things that make up the routines and are part of the fabric of life. Though they may seem irrelevant, these small things subtly speak of who we are as people and impact what, how and why we create.

Our first interview features Zoe Slocum. She is interviewed by Heide Hibbard who happens to be her best friend’s mom.


H.H. – You have lots of pets; what is your favorite?

Z.S. – This is my lovely Rosco. He’s my favorite pet and he knows it because of how extremely spoiled he is. When I took this shot I was outside shooting randomly when I heard a meow and turned around and there was Rosco!

H.H. – I was told you collect a lot of things; what do you like to collect most?

Z.S. – My favorite thing to collect is pictures, mostly from magazines but sometime I print them off line or find them on an old bulletin board of just old postcards, I love pictures and I love to get lost in them.

H.H. – What is your most favorite place in your home to curl up and read a book?

Z.S. – My favorite place to read a book is my bed, yep it’s that simple. It’s comfy and always the quietest place in the house.

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