EBSQ 1:1 – What two colors are a must have on your palette?

Tracey Allyn Greene

Two must haves on my palette. Ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. So many color combos possible….cools and warms…..and together they make a great black and warm greys with white.

Splash Hawaii Series 1 by Tracey Allyn Greene

Kimberly Vanlandingham

The two colors my palette is never without are terra rosa and yellow ochre. I tone all of my canvas with a gray/green and under paint my larger paintings with terra rosa. The contrast really helps me work out composition and value issues before committing to my final work. Yellow ochre is a versatile color that mixes well with other colors to form natural looking hues. No matter what I’m working on, I put them out every time.

Still Life by Kimberly Vanlandingham

Melanie Douthit

I must do this unconsciously, but my two must have colors (besides black and white) are green and red. These naturally complimentary colors create so much visual fun that they shouldn’t be reserved only for Christmas.

Happy Hour For Two by Melanie Douthit


EBSQ Friday Five

1. Stich ‘in Skelly – Janell Berryman’s sculptures always make me smile. I’m ready for Halloween!!

2. Follow Jasmine at Dragon*Con – That’s right. Jasmine Beckett-Griffiths will be at the Dragon*Con Art Show! I’ll be there too, so check back next week for an exclusive interview.

3. “Ellie” a work in progress – Deb Harvey is sharing images from her latest painting. I can’t wait to see the final painting.

4. PSP Tubes are Back! – Carmen Medlin is once again offering PSP Tubes. Check her blog for details on where you can purchase her tube graphics.

5. Film Review: Pollock – Miriam Schulman has a review of the popular movie, Pollock, on her blog.

Have a great weekend!


EBSQ Friday Five

1. Little Girl Ponies – This recent painting by Angie Reed Garner caught my attention when I read her description, I tried to recreate one of the million endless pony drawings I did as a little kid. I grew up around horses and always had a sketchbook. I had a million endless pony drawings too.

2. June MOTM: Space & Time – Love this month’s mandala by Maureen Frank: This mandala reminds us that while it would appear that we each exist in our own little worlds, our own little “boxes”…in reality we are all the same and we are all connected.

3. Trying out an Idea – Took Gallagher is having fun in her studio this week. I love seeing an artist’s process! Check out this post and yesterday’s for an update.

4. Sell more Art – Delilah Smith has some interesting tips and thoughts on selling more art, something that’s not so easy to do in today’s economy.

5. Do you have a newsworthy blog post to share with EBSQ subscribers? Let me know about it in advance. Email me at: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

Have a great weekend!

14th Annual Venus Envy Juried Exhibition 2012

EBSQ Aritst, Melanie Douthit recently had a painting accepted into the 14th Annual Venus Envy Juried Exhibition 2012 at Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA. The juror for the show, titled “Too Much Pink”, is Michaelene Walsh. The title of Douthit’s accepted painting is “Night Flight.” Melanie has been a juried member of EBSQ since 2000. You can view more of her work at www.melaniedouthit.com

Every year, Baton Rouge Gallery and Venus Envy (a Missouri-based non-profit organization driven by women which positively affects everyone by empowering women through the arts) team up to present an exciting multimedia contemporary art exhibition showcasing the work of female artists in the southeastern United States. The 14th annual Venus Envy Baton Rouge exhibition will run April 17-26, 2012.

The reception for this exhibition, which is free and open to the public, is Saturday, April 21, 7-9 pm at the Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Art, 1442 City Park Ave, Baton Rouge, LA. The contact number for the Baton Rouge Gallery is 225-383-1470. Website: www.batonrougegallery.org

Congratulations, Melanie!

EBSQ Friday Five

1. Morning Walk – Artist Jeanne Forsyth shared a scene from her morning walk with her blog readers. Beautiful!

2. Top 10 Ways to Spot a Forgery – We featured this excellent post from EBSQ Artist, Alma Lee, earlier in the week. If you missed it head over to Alma’s blog now!

3. Daffodils and a Trip Down Memory Lane – Patricia Christensen shares a wonderful family memory and a look into her painting process.

4. Some Things to Think about when you Paint – Delilah Smith has a great post on painting, specifically composition and planning.

5. Art Print Pendants – Stacey Zimmerman is now selling beautiful pendants featuring her prints of her paintings. I took a closer look at one on Etsy–beautiful!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Team EBSQ August Showcase Pt 2: Still Life

Welcome to part two of our incredible Still Life showcase!

Promises by Caroline Baker  Ripening by Jeanne Forsyth

Remnants of Childhood II by Aimee Dingman  Ginger Jar by Aimee Dingman  Cupcakes by Aimee Dingman

Onion by Christine Streimer  Paintbrush by Christine Streimer  Bowl of Lemons by Christine Streimer

Inspired by Janet Fish by Heather Sims  Gerbers and Babytop Bottles by Heather Sims  Hershey Kisses by Heather Sims

Signs and Symbols by Amanda Makepeace  Ginger by Amanda Makepeace  Beach Pebbles by Amanda Makepeace

Peppers Five by Ricky Martin  Fiesta Mexicana by Ricky Martin  Juicy Pears by Ricky Martin

Featured above are: Caroline Baker, Jeanne Forsyth, Aimee Dingman, Christine Striemer, Heather Sims, Amanda Makepeace, and Ricky Martin.

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Team EBSQ August Showcase Pt. 1: Still Life

Artists have been depicting inanimate objects (still life) for thousands of years. So its not surprising this month’s showcase is HUGE! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for part two.

Grandma's Pears by Carolyn Schiffhouer  Orchid with Bottles by Carolyn Schiffhouer  Still Life with Flowers by Carolyn Schiffhouer

ACEO Still Life by Theodora Demetriades  Bouquet in Blue by Theodora Demetriades  Hydrangeas by Theodora Demetriades

Lemon by Torrie Smiley  Glass of Red Wine II by Torrie Smiley  Little Green Pear by Torrie Smiley

Enchanted Forest by Melanie Pruitt  Enchanted White Orchid by Melanie Pruitt  Enchanted Butterfly by Melanie Pruitt

Makeup Brush by Pati Springmeyer  Vagabondastical by Pati Springmeyer  Fresh Flowers by Beth Fiedel

Featured above are: Carolyn Schiffhouer, Theodora Demetriades, Torrie Smiley, Melanie Pruitt, Pati Springmeyer, and Elizabeth Fiedel.

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