Team EBSQ September Showcase: The Deep end of the Ocean

We are tied to the ocean.
And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch–
we are going back from whence we came…
~John F. Kennedy

Gulf Shore Dreams by Windi Rosson  Nautilus Shell 55 by Kathy Morton Stanion

Seascape by Claire Bull  Blue Crab by Barbara Haviland  Tide Poole by Elis Cooke

Below the Surface by Melia Newman  Mermaid Art Doll by Lisa Nelson  Just Another Mermaid by Lynn Dobbins

Milky Way by Sherry Key  Sail into the Color by Kathryn Ramos  Westie Diver by Kim Niles

Sea Gems by Amanda Makepeace  Crashing Waves by Christine Striemer  Seahorse and Fish by Theodora Demetriades

Bright Beams Our Father's Mercy by Patricia Christensen  Cadet Ship by Rossana Kelton  The Wave by Dawn Sebaugh

By the Sea by Marcia Gordenstein  Peaceful Island by Melanie Pruitt

Featured above are: Windi Rosson, Kathy Morton Stanion, Claire Bull, Barbara Haviland, Elis Cooke, Melia Newman, Lisa Nelson, Lynn Dobbins, Sherry Key, Kathryn Ramos, Kim NilesAmanda MakepeaceChristine Striemer, Theodora Demetriades, Patricia Christensen, Rossana Kelton, Dawn Sebaugh, Marcia Gordenstein, and Melanie Pruitt.

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Saturday Sampler: Seaside edition

A sampling of our Freshest Art uploaded on 06.13.2009

Art: Fish Friend by Artist Meredith Estes

Fish Friend by Meredith Estes


Art: F.Fournier Original Canadian Landscape Oil Painting by Artist Francois Fournier  
F Fournier Original Canadian Landscape Oil Painting by Francois Fournier


Art: Lily Anne by Artist Hiroko Seki Reaney

Lily Anne by Hiroko Seki Reaney


Art: The FairyTale Moon by Artist heather anne murray

The Fairy Tale Moon by Heather Anne Murray

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