EBSQ Facebook Artist of the Week: Misty Benson

Who and where are you?

I am Misty Benson of Morbidly Adorable Creations –your skull loving, slightly unhinged, sweetly spooky artist. I live, breathe, and conjure my Morbidly Adorable Creations into being from Gossamerfaery’s Attic in curiouser and curiouser Idaho. In plain speak, I work out of my home studio in Caldwell, Idaho!

How were you introduced to Facebook?

My first introduction to Facebook was the slew of e-mail invites and reminders I kept receiving from friends and fans to join! I think I finally joined just to stop the pesky invites, but now, I’m a convert! I guess those Facebook folk know what they are doing!

Any tips for other artists starting a Facebook Page?

Just jump right in! Don’t worry that you won’t have the right thing to say or share. If I don’t have time to post new art, I try to post a photo or an intriguing quote from time to time. I remind everyone that I’m still around even if I’ve been quiet. If you wait until everything is perfect, you’ll never get started. My page is always evolving. I’m always learning a new function or making my page look better. Honestly, I am not very Facebook savvy, so if I learned how to do it, I know just about anyone else can do it, too!

What’s your favorite Facebook Page feature?

I like the large new Cover photo at the top of the page. It’s a nice snapshot into the FB users world. I also love that my minions can “Like” my page and keep up with my art as much or as little as they like! It’s nice that my page can act as a facet of the Morbidly Adorable World while I’m busy painting away behind the scenes!

What’s coming next from your studio?

I am still working on the Morbidly Adorable Tarot deck. It seems like it has been my main project for years now — and it has! Creating 78 original paintings while juggling other projects, tabling at art conventions, running my website, answering e-mails, and just the day to day maintenance of running an art business, has been a challenge. I would gladly do it again and again though! I love how the tarot is coming along, and I really look forward to seeing it all completed myself! Specifically, I am working on the Hanged Man card right now. It’s a HUGE painting. Generally I paint each card as a 16×20 inch painting, but the Hanged Man is a 4×5 foot painting!! (Don’t worry! All these huge paintings will be re-sized down to your standard tarot card sizes for publishing!) It is neither a man, nor is she hanging, but it is the exploration of a pop surrealistic saint. I’m truly enjoying the process! I’m bouncing back and forth between that and the Cups Suit which features sea life!




EBSQ Spotlight on Seasonal Art: Be My Valentine – Misty Benson

This month’s featured gallery is Seasonal Art: Be My Valentine.  St. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. It’s popularity means that February has become the season of everything love – hearts, flowers, candy and things done up in pink and red. Throughout the month of February, we have taken some time to catch up with some of the EBSQ artists that celebrate this holiday by creating art. On this last day of February, we send you into the rest of the year with a wink and a smile.

Misty Benson

Queen's Tart #2 - Misty Benson

In the Morbidly Adorable Creations’ studio, we LOVE (yes love!) anything that celebrates love, infatuation, adoration, worship, and hearts! Whether you are mending a broken heart or feeling the flutter of new love, we try to put a sweetly spooky spin on the emotion any chance we get! When February rolls around, the big eye cuties and their skelly counterparts like to spread equal parts love with equal parts mischief. If it can be shaped into a heart, they’ll attempt it! As the artist and creator of the Morbidly Adorables, it is important for me to allow even my darker children the opportunity to celebrate all things precious. There is something that just melts the heart when you see a skeleton get excited about receiving a Valentine! – Misty Benson

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