Artist Guide: Streaming Video For Your Audience

by Natasha Wescoat

One of the best inventions of the internet being used today is live streaming video. The viewer can watch as the broadcaster does things live over the net, and chat with them via the chat interface offered on the particular channel.

Sites like,, and Mogulus offer free streaming video channels to people who sign up. There are many creative ways artists can utilize streaming video for their audience.


– Have a chat session. offer a time and place to have collectors talk with you. Do a Q and A or candid chat with fans.

– Create art live. Creating art (no matter what medium) live on video can be a bit of a challenge for the artist who’s trying to focus on their work, but you give viewers the chance to see the work created. Collectors LOVE this! You can even watch as they give their input in the chat room. Maybe you can be creative and allow the watchers to participate in choosing how the work is created.

– Live Auction. Sometimes you could offer a studio sale live. Let viewers bid on pieces you show them live on video.

– Studio Cam. Just have a live video feed of your studio going on 24/7. May sound boring but people love the ability to watch your studio and see what your up to. Set it up so you aren’t partcipating in the conversation but give the viewers a camera feed to view your everyday work. Simple as that.

What are some ways you can think of for using streaming video to promote and share your work? What do you feel are the pros and cons of doing so?