Team EBSQ: Must Have Monday

This week’s theme is Fireworks.

Black Cherry Fireworks Handmade Journal by Elis Cooke
Black Cherry Fireworks Handmade Journal by Elis Cooke
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Next week: Frida

EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Took Gallagher

Artist Took Gallagher

Who and where are you?

I am Took Gallagher, a self-taught artist living in Northville, Michigan. I have a never-ending curiosity and I am very easily entertained and amused. I find a lot of my inspiration in song lyrics and random phrases. I am an active Art-o-mat artist, as well as the host of two Art-o-mat machines in the Detroit area. I love my cats, Detroit Derby Girls roller derby, cotton candy, and playing Magic: the Gathering.

Bingo by Took Gallagher

How did you get started art blogging?

I was first inspired by the multi-talented Elin Waterston (who is also a fellow Art-o-mat artist) who was doing a carving a day for her 365 Project. I followed in her footsteps and my blog began as a way for me to work daily on my various Art-o-mat series. After the first year was completed, I took a little time off from daily blogging and really missed it. This year I returned to the 365 format to do a sort of daily Creative Progress Report.

Chime Cat Visits Cloud City by Took Gallagher

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

Photos — links — show us what you are talking about. Don’t get hung up on the writing aspect of the blog. Speak in your own voice…it is much more fun and it helps the words to flow… and your readers will get to know “you”. (P.S. — Spell Check is your friend!)

Finger Puppet Art by Took Gallagher

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I turn my iTunes on “shuffle” and listen to random songs. I love Slade, Arthur Brown, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Laura Nyro, Motorhead, Hall & Oates,The Cure, The Decemberists, A Perfect Circle, Syd Straw, Jethro Tull, funk, Motown, world music, British Blues, British Invasion, metal, rock…actually I like a lot of different music…it would probably be easier to say what I don’t like.

Collaboration Art by Took Gallagher

What can we expect to see next from your studio?

More plaster cloth sculpture, relief prints, collage, mixed media assemblages. Plus plenty of collaborative projects — like my series “Penciled In” — I make the drawings and artist friends add their own special touches with colored pencils.

Thank you Took for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Claudia Roulier

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week is both a exceptional artist and a captivating blogger. Her art is sometimes whimsical, sometimes surreal and often a little deliciously creepy! I especially love reading about her art WIPS!

Claudia Roulier

Who and where are you?

I am a very late bloomer to the art scene here in Denver. When I graduated from art school I was a widow with two small kids, so I immediately had to work. About five years ago I quit my part time job with the Post Office, and began to do art again. I started by selling on eBay to get a feeling for the direction I wanted to go and to have a sense of the business of art. A little later I took some on line marketing classes from Alyson Stanfield (Art Biz Coach), who happens to live in  near by Golden Colorado. Shortly after I joined an old co-op I used to belong to right after art school which gave me courage to try for a co-op in the Art District itself. So I have belonged to both for the last few years.

Over the years I knew I wouldn’t be happy unless I gave my all to making a name for myself here in Denver. I live in the foothills west of Denver I have a studio in my house, quite literally. Recently a friend and I have rented a studio down in the center of the art district. It’s an exciting place to be right now, lots of energy, lots of great art and we have a huge First Friday Art Crawl. Since it is centrally located we both teach classes there and work of course. It’s been a very gratifying experience.

Shark by Claudia Roulier
How did you get started art blogging?

I decided to start blogging when Alyson, made a very good case in one of her classes about web sites vs blogging. She pointed out we need both but if we could only afford one then blog….why? Blogging uses lots of words, for search engines to pick up and they almost all connect to Facebook and Twitter. Your message and name can go almost viral sometimes depending on your topic.

The Beginning of the Tweeters and Umbrella Wars by Claudia Roulier
Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

I would say that the single most important thing is to do it regularly. I had someone ask me last First Friday if I added content on a regular basis, I knew he was asking me was it worth his time to check in every so often. You need to keep it interesting and give people something to come back for. It’s a great way to show your new art. I really like showing point A to point Z during a project. Sometimes I feature things I see that are of interest  on other blogs (always ask permission first). Some of my content is about my dog who is a real character, I did a recent flyer featuring my dog. On my blog we can also add a snippet of a sentence or two to help entice people to swing in for a look. One time I was having the blues about my art and the short phrase I chose was “my art sucks”…boy did I get a lot of interesting  comments and a bunch of hits. Pictures are always good I use them almost every time I post. Try to be concise, sometimes you don’t need many words, people tend not to read long rambling posts. I try to mix it up, with tips and suggestions to just posting art. Spell check everything!

Clearly Something Big was about to Happen by Claudia Roulier
What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

Well I like to listen to the tv in the other room and my favorite show is NCIS and on the week ends the scifi channel, just can’t get enough of bad horror and sci fi moves…lol. It’s in the other room so it works like background noise to help keep me from getting distracted. In my studio down in town I have a ipod with podcasts from a couple of local art podcast shows and music which runs the from old Walyon Jennings and Johnny Cash, to vintage rock ‘n roll, Leon Russell and some BB King. I have eclectic taste I guess. However I do have strict work rules for myself and work during my studio time whether it’s home or down town. I’m pretty serious when it comes to not wasting time.

Fetch 3 by Claudia Roulier

What’s coming next from your easel?

Currently I have a big show in May coming up, so I doing both clay assemblages and paintings, for that show. I’m hoping to have one semi big installation piece made up of smaller pieces, the clay molded ones I’ve been working on and been blogging about. Also I will have new paintings which feature black and white animals and backgrounds which have a little more substance for that one as well. This show will loosely follow the sideshow carnival theme I have been exploring for a couple of years. Then in the fall a small group of artists will be doing a carnival happening show in the district and another one in Boulder. I will also have another show at Pirate the other co-op at roughly the same time. So I will be crazy busy late summer into winter! Keeps me thinking and working hard.

Thank you Claudia for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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EBSQ Friday Five: Fresh Pressed Art

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere. This week it’s all about December’s fresh pressed art!

1. Sunny Journey by Fawn McNeil

Sunny Journey by Fawn McNeil

2. Dylan Reading by Kathy Jurek

Dylan Reading by Kathy Jurek

3. Kelly by Drusilla Kehl

Kelly by Drusilla Kehl

4. Purple by Vickie Miller

Purple by Vickie Miller5. Heart Collages by Janell Berryman

Heart Collages by Janell Berryman


Have a great weekend!

EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Betty Stoumbos

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week creates art full of magic and whimisical delight. She’s sure to get you in the Christmas spirit with her angels, but her art is inspiring all year long!

Artist Betty Stoumbos

Who and where are you?

Thanks for inviting me here. My name is Betty Stoumbos, and I live in a small city in Ontario, Canada. I work full time at a job which pays the bills, and in the evenings when everything else is done, I get to have fun and create.  My style would be considered whimsical, and I love experimenting with different techniques.

Snow Fairy by Betty Stoumbos

How did you get started art blogging?

I remember when I had first heard of blogs, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to talk about themselves online, and why would anyone want to read it?  It wasn’t long before I got hooked.  As I began reading art blogs, I decided to start my own, mostly to document my artistic growth. I didn’t expect anyone else to be interested, but surprisingly people started to follow.

Illustration by Betty Stoumbos

Any tips for EBSQ art bloggers?

If I were to offer any tips to art bloggers, I would say share yourself, and share your art. I like to know a bit about the blogger’s life.  However, if this is outside your comfort zone, don’t feel like you have to share your personal life.  This is your blog, and you can make it into whatever you like. Don’t forget to show lots of photos too. They make your blog more attractive to readers.

Endless Night by Betty Stoumbos

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

When I’m working,  I usually have on Hay House radio, which is an online radio station. They offer programming by lots of well known spiritual authors, and I love having it in the background.  However, starting in November I listen to Christmas music all day long. It’s my favorite time of year, and it helps me create holiday art. I also started lighting a little tealight which I put in a pretty crystal holder on the window sill that I face.  Creativity is very important in my life, and it’s a small way to honor it.

Owls by Betty Stoumbos
What’s next coming from your easel?

I love painting whimsical girls, and in the New Year I hope to start creating larger paintings more regularly. I also would like to get back to my fairy tale series which has been sadly neglected. 🙂

Thank you Betty for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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EBSQ Spotlight on Portraits & Figurative Art: Sandy Farley

This month’s featured gallery is Portraits & Figurative Art. Portraits are the artistic representation of an individual or individuals with the face as the focus. The term “figurative art” most frequently refers to the representational depiction of a human or animal figure. Often they are deeply personal – either to the artist, because of the emotions being expressed by the subject or because of the emotions these works elicit from us. They delight, disturb and connect us. During the month of May, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of the EBSQ artists that create some of these evocative pieces of art.

Sandy Farley

Hee-Haw - Sandy Farley

Animals have very rich social and emotional lives.  Their capacity for empathy, their delight in play: these are the very things that we first seek out in them when we wish to bond with or understand them.  I often take my artwork to middle ground between animal and human — a place where characteristics of both are blended, and perhaps a bit of humor is added to sweeten the mix.  My human and animal portraits share these traits. – Sandy Farley

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Team EBSQ-Etsy Featured Friday: Aimee Marie Wheaton

This week’s Featured Friday store is home to the art of Aimee Marie Wheaton.

Aimee’s art is based in mixed media. Her work is riddled with happiness and positivity. This is done with either a positive message actually incorporated in to the piece or with a bright and colorful palette. Her background as a graphic designer is embedded in the dynamic compositions, while the visual artist in her supplies the dreamy nature her artwork showcases.

Her EBSQ bio describes herself as “…A whimsical and colorful artist who combines traditional aspects of art with several different mediums such as watercolors, pencils, collages, wax, ink, paints, paper, buttons, and whatever else strikes her fancy.”

~Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ-Etsy

As a side note keep an eye out for lots of butterfly art this month. The wings are fluttering, and the art is starting to fly in!