Friday Five: Art Seen

Fantastic art, fresh from our front page!


EBSQ Friday Five

Cavaliere Errante by Alessandro Andreuccetti

1. Alessandro Andreuccetti mixed media painting Cavaliere Errante was impossible to miss on the front page of EBSQ this morning. I love the burst of colors on top of the text. Magnifico!

2. Did you know the University of California Press has over 770 ebooks available for free to the public? There is a collection of books on Architecture, Art, Art History, Art Theory and many more subjects. Browse the public ebooks by subject here.

3. Ever wondered how often you should be posting to different social media outlets? It could make a difference to how you market you art!

4. Art Installation at J.F.K. Faces Possible Destruction – It would be a crime to destroy this installation. Anyone have a 600 ft wall available?

5. 12 Things You Should Never Say To An Artist 😉

EBSQ Friday Five: Snow Day

We’ve had better weeks here at EBSQ, but up’s and down’s are a part of life, as are snow days. Snow days are those days off allotted to schools when inclement weather hits. They throw everyone off schedule, the schools, parents, work, etc. But sometimes a change of pace can be a good thing, it can open a door to new ideas and creative adventures. Today’s Friday Five invites you to try something new.

Eowyn and Faramir by Aimee Dingman - Linocut print on parchment
Eowyn and Faramir by Aimee Dingman – Linocut print on parchment
Raku Leaf by Deborah Sprague
Raku Leaf by Deborah Sprague
Queen for a Day by Sherry Key - Acrylic, collage on canvas
Queen for a Day by Sherry Key – Acrylic, collage on canvas
Artist Book by Lisa Monica Nelson - Mixed Media
Artist Book by Lisa Monica Nelson – Mixed Media
Amber by Jo Hards - Cloth
Amber by Jo Hards – Cloth

EBSQ Art Seen and Blogged in November

Today’s post is a celebration of art created in November by EBSQ artists who are also dedicated bloggers. Mind you, this is only a sample of the amazing art I’ve seen. I invite you to explore more from our gifted artists:






Artist Featured: Kimberly Vanlandingham, Sherry Key, Gretchen Del Rio, Diane Whitehead, Patience, Marcia Baldwin, Karen Winters, Mark Satchwill, Sandra Willard, Torrie Smiley, Christine Striemer, Dia Spriggs, Carmen Medlin, Michele Lynch, Carol DeMumbrum.

The Yellow Daisy Festival with Patti Ballard

September 2012 marked the 44th annual Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mountain Park, Ga. The festival is named for the Confederate Yellow Daisy that grows on the granite outcroppings of Stone Mountain. Every year it features more than 400 artists and crafters from all over the country. In all the time I’ve lived in Georgia, I have never been to the Yellow Daisy Festival. I’m not a native to Georgia, but for many years the festival was only a ten minute drive away! While I don’t live so close to Stone Mountain now, I decided it was about time I experienced the arts, crafts, food and live music of this wonderful event.

I discovered soon after planning my trip that former EBSQ artist Patti Ballard, of PBS Art Studios, was going to be there selling her whimsical paintings. What a treat! If you ever have a chance to see an artists work beyond the monitor do not hesitate. Nothing compares. Patti’s paintings are like a piece of childhood wrapped with magical daydreams. Browsing her booth was serene and calming.

Patti was kind enough to chat with me a bit before the next wave of visitors hit her booth. Here’s our mini-interview:

AM: How long have you been coming to the Yellow Daisy Festival? And what made you choose this festival?

PB: This was my first year at this festival. I was recommended by a fellow artist who has been doing the show for a long time.

AM: How far in advance to you begin preparing for an art festival?

PB: I usually have shows 1 or two weeks apart so when I am not at a show I am making more art and preparing for shows.

AM: What do you like most about participating in art festivals?

PB: I love meeting new people and seeing all the art. I always find something interesting. And it’s always fun to see other artists I have become friends with at other shows.

AM: Do you have any upcoming festivals? And if so, where?

PB: I have a show scheduled almost every week starting in October. My next show on October 6-7 will be in Melbourne Fl. Only 45 minutes from home… If you like You can see the rest of my art show schedule on my website…mostly all are in Florida!

You can also find Patti here:




EBSQ Facebook Artist of the Week: Stephanie Amos

Who and where are you?

I’m a multimedia artist that is known as samos (only because that’s how I sign my work) and most everyone
calls me Stephanie. I create unique abstract figures in bronze, delicate ceramics in bright, funky colors and abstract paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. I’m a native of beautiful Colorado and live in the mountains with my amazing husband, three loving dogs, and two very handsome horses.

How were you introduced to Facebook?

I believe I learned of Facebook through discussions on MySpace. I was just getting into the social networking scene for my art and like everyone else, I had to join.

Any tips for other artists starting a Facebook Page?

I would suggest using interesting images of your work with good descriptions and post art related articles or blurbs that are interesting to you. It lets your readers get to know you a little better as an individual.

What’s your favorite Facebook Page feature?

I actually like the new timeline layout for my Facebook page. I didn’t think I would, but what I like about it is that you can read it more like a book or magazine in a horizontal format as opposed to the traditional vertical one.

What’s coming next from your studio?

I’ve been working on a new design for my planters that I’m excited to introduce in my ETSY shop MuddyPotts and I’m also working on three new large paintings.

Stephanie Amos on Facebook