Team EBSQ: Must Have Monday

Green. From the natural patina of copper, to the tiniest bits of chlorophyll it is a color that has long symbolized nature and growth. It’s part of our culture: Green with envy, Greenbacks, Going Green, Green M&M’s, Green Thumb, Green Room, and  Greenhorn, just to name a few.  What does “Green” mean to you?

Irish Rabbit ACEO by Patricia Christensen


The Sacred Tree 1 by Michele Carter


Standing Still by Kimberly Vanlandingham

EBSQ has much more “Green” themed art in it’s galleries. You can also check out art for sale in this week’s theme on Artfire, eBay, Etsy, Redbubble, and Zazzle.

To see more from our featured artists please check out their EBSQ art galleries: Patricia Lee Christensen, Michele Carter, and Kimberly Vanlandingham.

~Kris Jean, Mod Team EBSQ