EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Maria Soto Robbins

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week makes me want to head for the beach! Her rich paintings of tropical landscapes and flowers make me swoon. Even her still life paintings make me think of lazy Sundays at the beach. So pull up a seat and meet this incredible artist.

Who and where are you?

First of all, Amanda, thanks so much for asking me to be your Blogger of the Week.  I’m  honored since I know that there are so many more experienced bloggers and so many talented artists on EBSQ. I’m truly touched!
I’m Maria Soto Robbins, a native of Cuba, long time Florida resident, and late comer to painting and blogging.  I started representational painting about 6 years ago and blogging since 2009.  Although I’ve always been creative in crafting, sewing and decorating, I never thought I could master oil painting nor blogging! I’m constantly reading about painting techniques, blogging, marketing, etc. to improve my skills and become better at what I do.  My heritage is very important to me as well and I love to portray scenes of Cuba and also of the Miami area, where we live.  There is so much beauty in south Florida that I’d love to capture on canvas and share with others!
Geranium Red on Round Table
How did you get started art blogging?

Well I saw a lot of talented, self-rep and indie artists on EBSQ that I grew to admire and saw that most, if not all of them, blogged. So, I knew I needed to do that as well. I also read in so many different places that blogging is a must-do in order to help SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, build a collectors list and as a way for others to get to know you.  People who know you and (hopefully) like you, will buy from you. And what better way than to share your art and your thought process with them?
Cuban Coffee & Lime 6
Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

First Tip:
Blog as frequently as you can. For me it’s at least three times a week, usually more. I do see the benefits of blogging frequently (via google analytics) but sometimes I don’t have time to craft a complete post  and instead will just post a description of one of my paintings from one of my venues (Etsy or ebay), along with a picture.  This is still good for the seo however it is lazy approach and I don’t recommend you over do it. The point is to get something out there rather than go for days and days without posting anything on your blog!
Second Tip:
I’d like to share, a simple list I glance at each time I blog. It consists of these basic, but important reminders (adapted from www.dailyblogtips.com):
1.  Did I read the post after writing it?  (You’d be amazed how many times, I’m in a hurry and forget to do this-lol.)
2. Is the post as complete as it could be?
3.  Did I research any related keywords?
4.  Did I think carefully about the title?
5.  Did I link to one or more of my older posts?
6.  Did I link to external resources when appropriate?
7.  Did I check to make sure my links are working?
8.  Did I include an interesting image?
9.  Is this a good day for traffic?
10. Did I proofread and check my spelling?
Third and Most Important Tip:
Besides these things though, the most important thing is to have a certain degree of passion about that which you blog
about and have those feelings shine through to the reader.  It’s a lot about your reader (not you necessarily) and what he hopes to find in your blog. They’re reading because you inspire them somehow!
Miami Beach Ocean Dr Vista
What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?
Oh, I’m so glad you asked that, because music is very important to my creative process.  I’ve just discovered Johannes Linstead and I have him now on my YouTube playlist. I absolutely love this Canadian’s instrumental music!  My favorite of his is Moonlight in Havana, and Cafe Tropical.  I also listen to Celia Cruz’ Boleros, the Tango Project, Enrique Iglesias. Mostly peppy, happy and rhythmic! Those are some of  the favorites right now.
Royal Poinciana in Cuba
What’s coming next from your easel?
Keep on learning! I have a long list of paintings I would like to tackle and it frustrates me because of the lack of time.  I also plan on working on a big, for me, painting (60×60) of a traditional Cuban landscape scene.  This is more of a long-range project and I’m in the planning stages still.   Each painting is a lesson for the next one, and there are so many more lessons that I need to make!

Thank you Maria for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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