EBSQ-Etsy Street Team Featured Friday: Robin Cruz McGee

This week the team is proud to announce our newest Featured Friday Store. This store is run by the ever talented Robin Cruz McGee.



Heide Hibbard: Robin is a metal smith who creates works of art. Everyone who does most any creative things likes to refer to their work as art but Robin is a real artist. I have one of his pieces of jewelry that I bought just so I could hold it in my hand and look at it, because I don’t really wear jewelry. I am really wanting to own his copper repousse of a magnolia (an award winning piece). His repousse’ pieces are crafted beautifully.

Kris Jean: One forgets Robin’s work is hard forged, bent, heated, tempered, cut, creased, textured hard pieces of metal. When they are complete they transcend “metal work”, and become unique, one of a kind works of fine art – that happen to be in metal. His works are sought out by museums, and fine art collectors around the world.  Of all his work I’m drawn to the “Hidden Heart of Gold“.

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