EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Marcia Baldwin

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week is an accomplished artist, as seen in last week’s EBSQ Friday Five. Her bold, vivid wildlife paintings are known coast to coast and beyond. But it is her horse paintings that most notably touch the hearts and imaginations of her fans.

Artist Marcia Baldwin

Who and where are you?

I am Marcia Baldwin and I am a full time professional fine artist. My working studio is in Louisiana, a beautiful state full of exciting natural resources, wildlife, parks, and FUN !! Plenty of inspiration for my art. I specialize in oil paintings and have won awards for my paintings depiction horses, but I also love painting flowers and wildlife and dogs and abstracts too. My list of favorites continue to grow and I enjoy bringing a new idea to my collectors. Other mediums I use to create are Batiks on Canvas, Watercolor, Soft Pastel and Gouache.

My gallery website is www.mbaldwinfineart.com. Come by for a visit !!


How did you get started art blogging?

My blogging started when I wanted my collectors to see my new works of art each day. Being a self representing artist, blogging was the perfect way to keep people informed and make good use of time .. because I really wanted to be painting and not spending too much time at the computer !!  Blogging is easy and fun and it is so sweet to get comments from new and old friends, collectors or just fans of my work. I have met so many nice people who appreciate art for arts sake and other artists too.

SPIRIT INDIAN WARRIOR Pony by Marcia Baldwin

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

EBSQ has always been my “go to” website. I depend on EBSQ for a complete portfolio over the past 5 years or more!! Tips for EBSQ bloggers would include … Try to write something every day or at least several times a week. Include photos and information about your art. Add a link to your email or where you art can be seen with more details. Be sure to put your name in every blog so this will be picked up in search engines and don’t forget to use keywords that correctly describe you and your art. Titles are important, keeping in mind your keywords because the title is search-able also.


What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I was honored not too long ago by a musician in Scotland, who wanted to use my art on his CD album cover. His music was an instrument to raise funds to rescue race horses. The CD has raised over $14,000 to help this cause. Several of the songs on this CD are truly inspirational, especially when I am painting my horse paintings.
Here is a link to his music… LOOK for “Brave Heart” on the webpage and you may even download the same music. My art is featured in his webpage heading – KIMBUSTION HORSE HEART.

BLUE GHOST by Marcia Baldwin

What’s coming next from your easel?

I am currently working on several commissioned oil paintings. One is of two beloved pets and will be sent to a collector in Canada. There is another painting going to Scotland to help raise funds to save the Minke Whales. And on my easel this morning is a huge oil painting of two horses, commissioned and based on one of my past sold paintings, titled “Companions”. It will be displayed over a fireplace mantel by a collector in south Louisiana. It is always such a pleasure to be requested to paint something special for those who love my work. It makes all hard work, being a full time artist, so worth it. My passion is art and to know that it is appreciated by so many is a blessing.


Thank you Marcia for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

If you are an EBSQ Artist and would like to be considered for Blogger of the Week just add us to your blogroll. I’m searching EBSQ profiles weekly for links to artist’s blogs. If you aren’t an EBSQ Artist, what are you waiting for?



Wordless Wednesday- Orchestra

Art: Conductor by Artist Paul Helm  
Conductor by Paul Helm

Art: Maxim by Artist Miriam Schulman  
Maxim by Miriam Schulman

Art: ABSTRACT CELLOS by Artist Marcia Baldwin  
Abstract Cellos by Marcia Baldwin

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EBSQ Spotlight on Animal & Wildlife Art: Marcia Baldwin

This month’s featured gallery is Animal & Wildlife Art, easily one of our most-populous galleries at EBSQ.   We took a moment to catch up with one of our most popular animal artists:

Abstract Stallion by Marcia Baldwin
Abstract Stallion by Marcia Baldwin


My deepest love from a young age has been with the magnificent animal, the horse. Most of my life has been devoted to the equine and a continued love and learning, owning, riding and caring for them. The very soul of the horse, his heart, his mind, his bravery, and his loyalty can be seen in his eye. The sweet nuzzle from his soft nose, a gentle lick from that silky tongue searching for a sugar cube, the nicker you hear when he  sees you opening the back door to come to his pasture or stall, makes for a lifetime of wanting to know more about this wonderful creature. This love is what I hope my paintings portray.

My paintings of dogs and cats and other animals comes from the pure desire to share their beauty to the viewer. Maybe one painting will capture someone’s heart and a kindness will ripple on to be kind and caring for all animals. I strive to capture that innocense of the animal kingdom. We are their caretakers.

Marcia Baldwin

Look for other Animal & Wildlife Artist profiles later this month!

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