EBSQ Friday Five

Little Devil by Susan Brach

1. From the EBSQ front page this morning comes this delightful Halloween art by Susan Brack, titled Little Devil. šŸ˜€

2. This month’s mandala from Maureen Frank is Dream a Little Dream. Maureen’s mandalas are always free to download, so head over to get your copy today!

3. EBSQ’s annual ThinkPink exhibit is underway. This year we’ve teamed with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds for education, support and early detection. If you’re not entering the exhibit you can make a donation on our Fundraising Page!

4. This 98-Year-Old Man Spent 13 Years Creating Remarkable Art in MS Paint–Wow!!!

5. Here’s a little news from yours truly. One of my recent commissions is the cover of a short story available to purchase on Amazon. Check out my blog post, Old Man of Tessera, for more details!


EBSQ Friday Five

Still Life with Hardanger by Sandra Willard
Still Life with Hardanger by Sandra Willard

1. Still Life with Hardanger -Sandra Willard and her extraordinary talent have amazed me again.

2. Lowe Mill Art Studios and Grumpy Cat – The talented artists of this large studio in Alabama, including EBSQ’s very own Tracey Allyn Greene, have been featured in The Huffington Post! Congrats, Tracey!

3. Controversies: eBay and Adobe – Tiffany Toland-Scott shares some very important information concerning this two giants. This is a must read for anyone who uses eBay to sell their art and for all Photoshop users.

4. MOTM: Simplify – Maureen Frank’s mandala for May is all about simplifying our lives. Stop by her blog to download this month’s mandala for free.

5. Fostering Friendly Familiarity – EmptyEasel.com has a superb article on how to market your art by building a relationship with your viewers, not just seeing them as buyers.


EBSQ Friday Five

Little Mermaid by Natalia Pierandrei

1. Little Mermaid Charity Auction – EBSQ Artist Natalia Pierandrei, along with other influential artists, is participating in a charity auction to help Robin Sullins. Follow links on her blog to learn more.

2. MOTM: One Thing Leads to Another – Have you downloaded this month’s free mandala from Maureen Frank? “This monthā€™s mandala reminds us that our lives are a journeyā€¦weaving in, out and around in all manner of directions.”

3. Understanding your Story as an Artist – Artist Statements, Blogging, and the dreaded Bio are hurdles we have to tackle as artists. EmptyEasel.com has a great article to you approach these essentials.

4. The 1913 Armory Show Shook the Art World – The centennial is approaching for the 1913 Armory Show, one of the most famous art exhibitions in history.

5. Have you entered one of our February Art Exhibits?

EBSQ Friday Five

Winetrwood by Mark Satchwill

1. Winterwood – EBSQ Artist Mark Satchwill, may be best known for his portraits, but he proves he can paint anything with this wonderful winter landscape.

2. EBSQ January Exhibits – Today is the first day to vote in January’s online exhibits. We have two shows: FOTM – Mixed Bouquet and Norse Mythology.

3. Getting Ready for the Circus Show – Claudia Roulier shares how the background of her paintings evolve.

4. How to Choose the Best Social Media Outlet – Don’t have time for multiple social networking sites? All you really need to do is pick the right one for you and your art. This article from EmptyEasel.com shares some great tips!

5. Stay Connected with EBSQ – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Forum

EBSQ Friday Five

Stop and Smell the Daisies by Carol DeMumbrum

1. Stop and Smell the Daisies – Carol DeMumbrum is participating in a challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. The delightful golden retriever above is the first.

2. MOTD: When all Else Fails – Maureen Frank’s free mandala for January can be downloaded from her blog. This month’s is not about failure, but endings becoming beginnings.

3. 2013 EBSQ Exhibit Calendar – I’ve written a blog post about the exhibits I plan to enter this year. Have you too made a plan?

4. How I Combine Colors in an Abstract Tree – Miriam Schulman discusses her process in the latest post to her blog.

5. 6 Powerful New Years Art Resolutions – If you’ve been avoiding commitment to a diet or maybe cleaning out the garage, maybe you need to focus on this Art Resolutions from EmptyEasel.com. šŸ˜‰

Happy New Year!

EBSQ Friday Five

1. Spooktacular Halloween Showcase – It’s October! Each Friday in October I will be sharing something spooky as the main image. Today it’s Jo Hard’s Strange Little Girls. The doll above and other are going on sale this weekend.

2. ADAA Doll Convention – Registration is open for ADAA (All Dolls Are Art) dollĀ conventionĀ  EBSQ’s own Michelle Lynch will be there teaching two classes. Check her blog for details!

3. MOTM: Reaching Out – Here’s what Maureen Frank has to say about this month’s mandala: ‘Rise and shine, folks! The time is now. Stop the excuses. Waiting for things to be perfect before we put ourselves out thereā€¦ainā€™t gonna cut it any more.’

4. Why sell Limited Edition Prints? – EmptyEasel.com has a great article on, you guessed it, Limited Edition Prints. Do you sell them? Are they necessary?

5. Halloween Showcase on the EBSQ Blog – I have a post up on the forum about a special showcase I’ll be hosting on October 31st. Take a look and chime in if you want to be included!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


EBSQ Friday Five


1. Into the Rabbit Hole – I love this new painting by EBSQ artist, Hilary J. England. She’s been exploring Fletcher’s color control theories. Read her blog post for more details.

2. Follow your Passion – Christine Krainock shares with her blog readers how she went from being a teacher to an artist.

3. Photo vs. Life – Erika Nelson shares some her process on painting. The photos in this blog post are beautiful!

4. John Marin Watercolor Show – Miriam Schulman shares her accidental find at theĀ MetropolitanĀ Museum of Art.

5. MOTM: Priorities – Maureen Frank has her freeĀ downloadableĀ mandala for the August available on her blog now. I can relate to this month’s theme!

Have a wonderful weekend!