EBSQ Friday Five

1. 29 Faces of May: Scars – Christine Striemer and several other EBSQ artists are participating in the 29 Faces of May challenge. Throughout May I will feature one of those faces in the Friday Five. Today’s face is creepy and captivating!

2. May MOTM: Helpless – Maureen Frank offers an exercise to help with those feelings of helplessness in this month’s mandala. All of Maureen’s Mandala’s are free to download and color how you want!

3. Quillers to join me on EBSQ? – First off, I want to welcome Sandra White to EBSQ! Second, she’s looking for other Quillers to join her. What is Quilling? Check out her blog–it’s amazing.

4. Distance and Time – Niki Soppelsa shares her sketchbook from the 2012 Sketchbook Project. If you love collage don’t miss this one.

5. Arts Goggle in Fort Worth, Texas – Later this month, Melanie Douthit will be participating in a huge art crawl. Check her blog for more details!

Have a wonderful weekend!


EBSQ Friday Five

1. Lifesong – Sara Burrier’s latest painting, Lifesong, illustrates her personal journey. Check out the post for the full version of the painting and the symbolism she has worked into this beautiful work of art.

2. April MOTM: Hell0 – April’s mandala from artist Maureen Frank is about opening ourselves to new ideas and perspectives. I love her description; which includes a bit about Sherlock Holmes! Maureen’s Mandala’s are free to download and color.

3. Robert Lange Studios Group Show – Pastel artist Kari Tirrell shares her two paintings for this upcoming exhibition in Charleston.

4. A Return to PFATT Marketplace – Lisa Nelson will be returning to the PFATT marketplace to sell her wonderful paintings, dolls and more. Check her blog for details.

5. Day 96 – Took Gallagher is still pushing forward in 2012 with her 365 Project. Don’t miss her latest plaster creation, a work-in-progress.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

Red Dress by Patience

1. Red Dress – EBSQ artist, Patience, is participating in the 29 Faces Challenge. Check her blog for all the latest entries.

2. February MOTM: What Lies Beneath – From Maureen Frank’s blog: This month’s mandala of the month encourages us to go beyond the surface to that place that lies beneath.

3. Leaping Ahead of Extinction – Check out the Leaping Ahead of Extinction poster; which features two of my tree frog illustrations!

4. Late the Party – Look who else is participating in the 29 Faces Challenge! I spy with my little eye Wibbles!

5. Do you have a blog post that’s news worthy? Do you have an announcement you want to share with our subscribers? Let me know and I’ll be sure to post it to the EBSQ Friday Five! Contact me at: makepeace.arts[at]gmail[dot]com

EBSQ Friday Five

Portrait by Lauren Gray

1. Two New Pieces – The above painting is just one of the portraits recently painted by Lauren Gray. Beautiful!

2. Legendary Texas Jackalope – It’s not surprising Sherry Key’s latest ACEO sold in the blink of an eye. Who wouldn’t want a Jackalope portrait complete with a Jackalope Hunting License?!

3. September 2011: The Path – This month’s free mandala is available from Maureen Frank’s blog, Mandala of the Month.

4. Help me Choose – I have a mini giveaway on right now. To enter all you have to do is share your opinion, good or bad. 😉

5. Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour – If you live in Washington State or will be there the week of Sept 17th don’t miss Kari Tirrell’s open studio.

Have a wonderful weekend!