EBSQ Spotlight on Abstract: Geometric – Maeve Wright

This month’s featured gallery is Abstract: Geometric. It’s geometry as art – angles and geometric shapes used to convey feeling and mood. Assembled in a manner that often appears random but have been deliberately placed by the artist with purpose. It is a form of communication that may escape some, but to others, speaks volumes. Throughout the month of September, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of our artists that create abstract art with geometric shapes.

Maeve Wright

Paint The Town Red - Maeve Wright
Paint The Town Red - Maeve Wright

My attraction to geometric shapes was fostered or rather ‘shaped’ in early school life by drawing designs on squared paper, by constructing drawings with a compass, and by assembling pictures using small flat wood shapes. Later as a teacher I loved the maths lessons I taught in shape and its attributes, and enjoyed seeing what the kids produced from assembling shapes, drawing around shapes, or making pictures from paper shapes. I still love using shape. My abstract shape paintings are either random compositions that please my eye, or building representations. I have a particular and life-long interest in architecture, and pare down buildings I have seen or imagined to their basic shape, while sometimes adding more shaped detail, such as window and door ornamentation, brickwork and roof tiles. I’ll use colours of reality or colours the buildings were not, with often a limited colour theme. My aim, with either totally abstract works, or architectural ones, is to show shapes and colours interacting with or against each other, and to produce atmosphere and mood. – Maeve Wright

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