Open Thread: Best Creative Apps?

Expel by EBSQ Artist Vicky Helms Kostka
Expel by EBSQ Artist Vicky Helms Kostka

A few years ago, EBSQ Artist, Art Blogger, and regular Mashable contributor Natasha Wescoat put together a list of apps that turn the iPhone into a tool for creativity.  You can read her original article on Mashable.

3 years is an eternity on the interwebs.  Technology and tastes have both evolved since then. And there are a veritable plethora of new creativity-boosting apps to choose from.

The one that would top my personal list is Instagram. Sure, the filters are nice (and unlike my previous favourite, Toy Camera, I can actually pre-view and choose my filter pre-processing). But the thing I like best (and this is probably silly) is that it makes me think in squares. Folks that are familiar with my artwork know that the bulk of my paintings from the past 10 years have been square. With Instagram, I can automatically compose in square format. The fact that I can also easily push my photos to Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook is another bonus.

What’s on your list?


Looking back: Our Ongoing Blog Series on Art and the Economy

Savings Banks are Back in Style by EBSQ Artist Theodora Demetriades
Savings Banks are Back in Style by EBSQ Artist Theodora Demetriades

So, yeah, it’s 2012. We’re nearly 5 years into this “we’re not calling it a Depression or even acknowledging we’re still in a Recession.” How are you doing? Still making art? Still buying art? Still have a roof over your head? Have things gotten better? Worse?

January is always a reflective month, and I thought now would be good time to take a look back at some of the posts we’ve produced over the past 4 years that delve into how to keep creating in this tanked economy.

Handcrafted-vs-Mass Produced

From 2010: Guest poster Julianne Carson delves into why cheaper isn’t better and how you can support local artisans with your wearable art purchases.

Artist Guide: Anybody Selling Anywhere?

From 2009: Guest poster Ron Jumper Jr. takes a hard look at why the arts are suffering and offers concrete strategies to ramp your sales back up.

Artist Guide: Not Taking Risks is Foolish

From 2009: EBSQ Art Blogger Natasha Wescoat writes about how to use calculated risk and reactionary tactics to drive your art sales and marketing strategy.

Open Thread: Survival Stories for Artists

From 2009: The meat and veg of this article is in the comments where you share YOUR stories of surviving as an artist in this economy

Open Thread: Finding Balance between Life and Art

From 2009: When life is weighing heavily upon you, it’s easy to let your art fall by the wayside. Here are 4 strategies for getting back on track and reclaiming your artist-self.

How to Keep Being an Artist Without Losing Your Soul…Or Your Shirt

From 2008: This appears to be my first blog post that expressly deals with how the economy was/is driving so many artists out of business. This was a seminal piece that explored concrete solutions to stay creative for less.

So. How relevant is the above advice to 2012? Have you taken any of the advice? Did it help? Is this a topic you want us to continue to explore? What wisdom do you have for other artists half a decade into the worst economy of many of our lifetimes? We’d love to hear from you in our comments.