EBSQ Friday Five


1. Into the Rabbit Hole – I love this new painting by EBSQ artist, Hilary J. England. She’s been exploring Fletcher’s color control theories. Read her blog post for more details.

2. Follow your Passion – Christine Krainock shares with her blog readers how she went from being a teacher to an artist.

3. Photo vs. Life – Erika Nelson shares some her process on painting. The photos in this blog post are beautiful!

4. John Marin Watercolor Show – Miriam Schulman shares her accidental find at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

5. MOTM: Priorities – Maureen Frank has her free downloadable mandala for the August available on her blog now. I can relate to this month’s theme!

Have a wonderful weekend!


EBSQ Friday Five

1. Purple Mountain Majesty – Artist Cynthia Agathocleous might just be one of my favorite abstract artists at EBSQ. Her current style, geometric, is mesmerizing!

2. Mission: Small Business & EBSQ– Help EBSQ qualify for a $250,000 grant from Chase and LivingSocial! This grant to support Small Businesses would go a long way.

3. When Drawings go Ugly – Ever have one of those days where your pencil and brain are not connecting? EBSQ artist, Michele B. Naquaiya has some great tips.

4. Shutterbug – Photographer and EBSQ member, Michael Glover was featured in the magazine Shutterbug! Congratulations!

5. How to Get your Art on Greeting Cards – I’m not talking about one of those sites where you sell your own greeting card. This article at Empty Easel is about submitting your designs to greeting card publishers. Excellent resource!

Have a wonderful weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

1. Cuban Coffee, Lime and Creamer – Sounds like a perfect way to start a Friday morning, doesn’t it? It’s also a beautiful painting by EBSQ artist, Maria Soto Robbins.

2. Make your own refillable journal – Elis Cook has a tutorial for sale on Etsy you won’t want to miss!

3. EBSQ 12 in ’12 Update – June is the halfway point for the 12 in ’12 Challenge. I posted an update on my blog. Are you participating in the challenge?

4. Guest Blogging Strategy for Artists – EmptyEasel.com has an informative article on guest blogging. Writing a post for another blog is a proven way to generate interest in your own blog.

5. Do you have an article you think should be in the EBSQ Friday Five? Email me at: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

Have a great weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

1. Little Girl Ponies – This recent painting by Angie Reed Garner caught my attention when I read her description, I tried to recreate one of the million endless pony drawings I did as a little kid. I grew up around horses and always had a sketchbook. I had a million endless pony drawings too.

2. June MOTM: Space & Time – Love this month’s mandala by Maureen Frank: This mandala reminds us that while it would appear that we each exist in our own little worlds, our own little “boxes”…in reality we are all the same and we are all connected.

3. Trying out an Idea – Took Gallagher is having fun in her studio this week. I love seeing an artist’s process! Check out this post and yesterday’s for an update.

4. Sell more Art – Delilah Smith has some interesting tips and thoughts on selling more art, something that’s not so easy to do in today’s economy.

5. Do you have a newsworthy blog post to share with EBSQ subscribers? Let me know about it in advance. Email me at: amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

Have a great weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

1. Pastel Still Life: Banana Bread – As usual, pastel artist Kari Tirrell blows me away with her incredible detail!

2. Paint is Thicker than Water Part II – Abril Andrade Griffith and family are exhibiting at the Gallery at Ninety-Seven, beginning on June 9. Check her blog for more details!

3. Best in Show – Sandra Willard won Best in Show at the 2012 Art in the Square in Belleville, IL. Congratulations, Sandra!

4. Call Me Crazy – Delilah Smith shares 5 creative ways to share you work on Pinterest.

5. InStep2Souls – EBSQ artist Stephanie Amos has a new project in the work. To be a part of it you only need to send her a photo of your feet! Seriously. Check out her blog!

Have a great weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

1. Babette – This week’s Face comes to us from EBSQ artist, Patience. Something about this portrait pulls me in and I can’t help but wonder what she is thinking, what she might be looking at with those thoughtful eyes.

2. The Tangerine Process – Oh! You must see the WIP images from Sara Burrier’s latest painting. Wow!!

3. Ten Reasons to Commission a Portrait – An insightful look at portrait art by Miriam Schulman, and why you should commission a portrait today.

4. Painting with Don Cincone – Melanie Douthit had the opportunity to paint with internationally recognized artist, Don Cicone! She has a wonderful post on her blog about the workshop.

5. I’m always on the look out for great blog articles from EBSQ artists. If you have something you’d like to share in the Friday Five drop me a line at amanda[at]ebsqart[dot]com.

Have a wonderful weekend!

EBSQ Friday Five

Dragon by Kathleen Ralph

1. Day Off Art – Kathleen Ralph is a busy mother, artist, and student these days, but even on her day off she’s creating! I love this dragon done in Copic markers.

2. Analog to Digital – Artist Alma Lee is a wizard when it comes to taking one of her artworks, plugging it into her computer and transforming it into something amazing and new. Check it out!

3. March MOTM: Relax – Maureen Frank must be reading my mind, because relax is all I want to do in March. Check out this month’s free to download Mandala of the Month!

4. Two Art House Projects – From my own blog I share two new projects I’m going to be working on this Spring.

5. Your Blog Post Could go Here!! – Blogging isn’t always fun, but it can be a great way to connect with your buyers. Are you blogging at least once a month?

Have a wonderful weekend!