EBSQ Spotlight on Portraits & Figurative Art: Leola Walker

This month’s featured gallery is Portraits & Figurative Art. Portraits are the artistic representation of an individual or individuals with the face as the focus. The term “figurative art” most frequently refers to the representational depiction of a human or animal figure. Often they are deeply personal – either to the artist, because of the emotions being expressed by the subject or because of the emotions these works elicit from us. They delight, disturb and connect us. During the month of May, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of the EBSQ artists that create some of these evocative pieces of art.

Leola Walker

Drinking Water - Leola Walker

What inspires me when I paint figures – motion that shows or causes emotion. From the innocent joy on my grandchildren’s faces while playing in the backyard, or the sway of the sari as women carry water above their heads, to the raw brute emotion of beast and cowboy at the rodeo. All tickle your senses and hopefully provoke thought about the scene. Can you almost hear the laughter of the children? Hear the singing? Or smell the sweat and hear the grunts at the rodeo? Because I paint mainly in miniature I have to try and create this on a very limited space. It’s a challenging and fun process. – Leola Walker

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