EBSQ Spotlight on Artistic Nudes: Kelli Ann Dubay

This month’s featured gallery is Artistic Nudes. The nude is a classic subject for artists and is of endless fascination and challenge. There are many types of nudes, in all degrees of undress and all manner of poses. Some are intended to make a statement, some are part of a story and some are just a celebration of the human form.

Kelli Ann Dubay

Poison Ivy - Kelli Ann Dubay

What draws me the most to painting nudes is that they remain timeless and classical.  The viewer doesn’t get caught up in clothing, which dates a painting.    I believe that fabric provides too much visual information for the viewer, with its texture and sheen.  I prefer to just be right there emotionally with my nudes as opposed to create obstacles for the viewer to mentally get over with way too much information  With the model being fully exposed, there are so many emotions that you can create with a nude, fear, abuse, confidence, vulnerability – etc. without worrying about how the subject is dressed and how their apparel  falls on their body. – Kelli Ann Dubay
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