EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

Ashleigh Michelle by Mark Satchwill

1. Ashleigh – Mark Satchwill is an amazing portrait artist. Check out his latest marker portrait. Yes, markers!

2. The Etsy Front Page Debate – Don’t miss this informative post by Jennifer Lommers on selling at Etsy and being featured on the front page.

3. Asleep by the Window – Erika Nelson has a wonderful post up on her latest DPW painting and how it came to be. Awesome!

4. Interactive Art Print – Kim Niles of KiniArt has a new print on Zazzle that allows you to change the color of one aspect in the art print (I’m not telling which one). I had to give this a go!

5. Tarot Drawing and Prizes – Misty Benson is holding a drawing for some amazing prizes, but she needs your help. Check out her blog for details on her Kickstarter Project, how you can help and how to enter the Tarot Drawing!


EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

1. Studio Time at Last! – Aimee Dingman is back! Life took over for a bit, mostly in the form of college papers, but now she’s back and you can expect see more of her wonderful art.

Apple, 8 x 10, acrylic on canvas

2. The Would be Prince – Alma Lee shares her very first cubic frog!

3. The Oil Painting Saga Continues – Jennifer Lommers shares how to both clean your brushes and be environmentally friendly.

4. WIP – Handpainted Magnets – Jennifer Williams is on a painting spree! You won’t believe how many magnets she is painting!

5. My Featured Artist – Every month artist Sherry Key is featuring an artist on her blog. Stop by to see who she chose for May. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

Guardian Angel of Naughty Kitties

1. Guardian Angel of Naughty Kitties – Cathy Darlings newest doll is a delight. It made me think of my own naughty kitty. 😉

2. Kreativ Blogger Award – Jane Glenholmes of the Groovy Pumpkin won a blog award! Congratulations! She bravely shared seven things about herself.

3. Celebrating 200 Facebook Fans – Wow!! Artist Jennifer Lommers is celebrating by offering a special deal on blank notecards.

4. The Dreaded C Word – Not all news is good news, but Vickie sure knows how to handle herself. This should be a warning to those who feel they have to copy other’s work–you will be found.

5. A Toronto Whirlwind – Lastly, I couldn’t resist artist Heather Murray’s visual diary of her day in Toronto. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Have a great weekend and remember art blogging is about more than posting images, it’s about sharing your inspirations, challenges, and triumphs too. 😀

EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

Companionship of Silence

1. Oldies but Goodies – Carmen Keys is looking on the bright side, but maybe that has more to do with her fantastic news! I’m not giving it away, you have to click on the link. 😀

2. The Groovy Pumpkin’s New Home – That’s right, EBSQ artist Jane Glenholmes (A.K.A Groovy Pumpkin) has a new website!

3. Show Preparations Underway – Jennifer Lommers is getting ready for the first show of the season, SIP. Good luck Jennifer!!

4. Milford Memories Featured Artist – Donna Pellegata has been chosen to be the featured artist of the Milford Memories Summer Festival. Woot!!

5. Give me  a Land of Boughs and Leaf – Blenda Tyvoll takes us through the painting process of her entry to Lake Oswego Arts Council annual Chronicle Exhibition.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Jennifer Lommers

This weeks EBSQ blogger of the week is another exceptional artists who’s paintings seem to sing off the canvas. She also has one of the best artist blogs I’ve ever seen. You can’t help but be inspired by her rich creativity!

Who and where are you?

I am a Northwest native recently settled in Corvallis, Oregon. As an avid hiker and camper, I love the Northwest for its mild climate and its amazing variety of scenery and parks – great inspiration for painting! I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work as a full time artist in this beautiful little part of the world.

One Red Posie

How did you get started art blogging?

While moving to working on my artwork full time I realized that many people don’t understand what that entails, and have a very different, and romantic, view of life as an artist (which may be true for some, but not for the majority of working artists). I took up blogging at first to promote my artwork but became more involved with it once I realized the opportunity it afforded to educate people about what it is I do. I have since been pleasantly surprised by all the support and shared experiences I found though blogging.

Pear Tree

Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

First of all, when I started blogging I found it important to separate most of my personal life from my art blog. I often see blogs that try to add a little of their art experience into their personal blogging monologue including a large dose of family photos. While this is wonderful for close friends and family, it doesn’t always speak well to a larger audience. Although I’m still working out the kinks of what I want my blog to be going forward (since I’m now using Facebook for most of my promotional posts and working to keep my art blog more focused on the routines, the ups, and the downs of being an artist), I find it is an important question to ask yourself, and ask again over time: “What is the purpose of my blog?” Other tips would include: posting regularly; organize the title and side bars to enhance, not detract, from the overall appearance; and engage in other art blogs!

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I was trained as a Classical Pianist, and I will typically choose a little Mozart, Bach, Haydn, or Debussy to keep me energized and focused. I do also enjoy an eclectic range of other music, though, from Elvis to Michelle Shocked and Coldplay, but usually listen to that when running, not working.

The Land of Milk and Honey

What’s coming next from your easel?

I have recently been doing a lot of work with the image transfer process, creating gel skins from sketches and/or photocopies of sketches and incorporating them into my paintings. I am working to have a series of them ready for a show in April/May.


Thank you Jennifer for the an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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