EBSQ Spotlight on Fantasy Art: Jasmine Ann Becket-Griffith

This month’s featured gallery is Fantasy Art and it is one of our most-populous and popular galleries at EBSQ.  The artists that are drawn to this genre take the fanciful images and stories that live within them and share them with everyone. Throughout October, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s fantasy artists.

Jasmine Ann Becket-Griffith

Pet Trilobite - Jasmine Ann Becket-Griffith

“I’ve always been drawn to fantasy, whimsy, escapism, nature, dreams, etc.  Maybe it’s my overactive imagination, or perhaps it’s just my general dissatisfaction with a lot of the mundane world, but in my artwork I generally incorporate some sort of fantasy element into each piece.  Sometimes it’s addicting – I just can’t paint a girl – I have to add wings.  I can’t just paint a still life – I have to put a tiny mermaid in there.  I can’t paint a landscape without sneaking in a dragon.  Basically (even though I include a lot of realism in my work) I paint the world how I’d like it to look, rather than how it actually does look.” – Jasmine Ann Becket-Griffith

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