EBSQ Friday Five

Calm by Jeanne Forsyth

1. Relief for Japan – Jeanne Forsyth is just one EBSQ artist painting for Japan through DailyPaintworks (DPW).

2. Sleeping Cat for Help Japan – Artist Erika Nelson is also participating in this special auction event. Please visit their blogs for more details.

3. The Bottom Line – Jennifer Lommers talks art fairs and that green stuff we all hope to stuff in our pockets.

4. WIP: Bonsai Pt. 2 – I love the new painting Kris Jean is working on in her studio. Check out this awesome WIP!

5. Secret Rock Revealed – Here’s another WIP I love, from a new EBSQ Artist, Maggie Stoller. Welcome to EBSQ!


Have a great weekend!



EBSQ Friday Five

The EBSQ Friday Five offers a brief look at noteworthy news from around the EBSQ Artist Blogosphere.

One Big Cloud by Windi Rosson

1. One Big Cloud – Windi Rosson has a new landscape painting she’s auctioning on eBay, with 50% off the proceeds going to support relief efforts in Japan.

2. The Silence of Trees Signing – Artist Madeline Carol Matz will be at a book signing, Saturday March 19th to discuss the process behind her painting featured on the cover of The Silence of Trees. See her blog for details!

3. Donating to Japan Relief – Aimee Marie Wheaton is donating a percentage from her art sales on Etsy to help Japan.

4. News Article on my Illustration – Kathy Jurek is featured in a wonderful online article. Check her blog for more details!

5. Pebbles for Japan – I too am donating a percentage from the sale of my original paintings to help Japan. See more my blog for more details.

Have a wonderful weekend!