EBSQ Spotlight on Artistic Nudes: James Michael McCracken

This month’s featured gallery is Artistic Nudes. The nude is a classic subject for artists and is of endless fascination and challenge. There are many types of nudes, in all degrees of undress and all manner of poses. Some are intended to make a statement, some are part of a story and some are just a celebration of the human form.

James Michael McCracken

""Why" 2008 - James Michael McCracken



“For me painting artistic nudes allows me to escape brands and perceived worth, and create something less dated. The human form, and musculature are something we have all share, creating a very natural sense of commonality. With the labels stripped away, hopefully we can all become more equal. Attractiveness and self-worth should radiate from within, and hopefully be easily seen in my work and models. Only then, do I feel I have done well for that which has changed so little with time.” – J. Michael McCracken

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