EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Jacqueline Kinsey

Artist Jacqueline Kinsey

Who and where are you?

My name is Jacqueline Kinsey and I moved to South Western Ontario, Canada, 3 years ago. I set up a studio in our home on the ranch which I share with my husband. The studio is currently upstairs in our 108 year old home over looking lush green horse pastures, the Big Otter Creek valley, ponds and historical outbuildings on the family farm.

I have really lead a varied life in my 40 + years. I grew up in the beautiful South Okanagan Valley in British Columbia (straight A student in art class, winning international art contests in Arizona at the age of 15 years), then attending Art School in Vancouver which brought about the opportunity of a lifetime to study art in Europe for a full term. Studying the art of the world’s greatest painters and sculptors greatly influenced me as a young student. I then went on to complete a Diploma of Fine Arts and returned to the Okanagan Valley to help with the family business, running a Dairy Queen for almost 5 years.

Although I had this great opportunity, passion, and talent for art, my interests took an unexpected turn into the area of law enforcement. For almost 20 years, I was a Constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I always kept up with my drawing throughout my police career and I am elated to be able to pursue my love of art full time now.
Recently, I retired due to an injury suffered while on duty. I have re-launched my passion for art and began painting again 4 years ago. Within the past 3 years I can now say that my drawings and paintings are collected across North America and around the world, including Hong Kong and Australia thanks to the World Wide Web!

Three Amigos by Jacqueline Kinsey
How did you get started art blogging?

I started out just wanting to share my life and art with my family and friends back in British Columbia. I did not know anyone except my husband and his parents here in Ontario. It allowed me to keep connected with friends and family over the past 3 years and has now developed into sharing my art and life with the world!

Small Miracles by Jacqueline Kinsey
Any tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

The only tips I can give is to keep your blog relative to your art but at the same time, I believe you have to share a bit about yourself. I know its kind of scary for some of us, but I am of the belief that we all share the same experiences and can relate to one another and connect if we are willing to put ourselves out there a bit. I see some art bloggers that just post a painting and title on a regular basis. I find that I personally don’t feel that I want to re-visit those blogs as much as those that tell stories about their life and their art. I have found that the deeper I go, talking about my feelings and about my life experiences, the more comments I hear from people because they are able to relate to me and my experiences in their own lives. Its how we can connect to others.

Late Sun by Jacqueline Kinsey
What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you’re working in your studio?

I listen to “Galaxy The Light” satellite channel while I paint. I enjoy inspirational and spiritual music most. I also try to remember to pray before I begin each piece. I have noticed a significant difference in my work when I take the time to invite God in to collaborate with and guide me in the creating process. There is just something miraculous about it.

Winter by Jacqueline Kinsey
What’s coming next from your easel?

I am currently working on more equine paintings. I have two drawn out with graphite in great detail. When I use this technique, I like to use thin washes of acrylic to start with. I allow the graphite to become part of the painting. I will then apply thin layers of color and glaze and will finish with further details in oil to define areas where needed. After these are complete, I am planning on a series of local landscapes done in an abstract acrylic style.


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Avatar by Gretchen Del Rio

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EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Laura Barbosa

This week’s EBSQ Blogger of the Week art is a bold, rich and diverse reflection of the creative mind. She is an artist without limits, one who lets her muse take the driver’s seat.

Who and Where Are You?

Hello, my name is Laura Barbosa and I am a full time fine artist & business owner. I live off the sales of my original paintings and fine art prints. My art is collected on an International Level and my artwork has been featured on HGTV, Published in Hair’s How Magazine, NY ARTS Magazine, Forbes & more.

I am also a mom to 2 wonderful dogs including a therapy dog named Henna. My free time is spent visiting nursing homes and spreading the Joy that only a dog can bring. We live in South New Jersey near the Seaside Boardwalk where they filmed the reality show “Jersey Shore”.

Eagle Feathers 30 x 40 Acrylic

How did you get started art blogging?

When I first started selling my paintings over the internet, I read many articles and found out that Art Blogging was an essential key element to getting noticed by the public. I also wanted a place where I could post my artwork and explain my techniques so I had articles for future reference. My first blog post was not very good because I thought about what I would say and put the words down very mechanically. But through the years, I have learned that any article or blog worth reading must come from the heart. This revelation also helped me name my wordpress blog: “The Heart Of Art Blog – A Virtual Meeting Ground For Art lovers” Since then my art blog has become a diary of my artwork, events, commissions, tips on techniques, a place to share my inner thoughts about selling art, and the best place for me to write down my true feelings and interact with the public. The Heart Of Art Blog has gained popularity through facebook and also has introduced me to many other artists who are now great friends and influential clients and galleries.

Steam 24 x 36 Acrylic & Ink

Any Tips for other EBSQ art bloggers?

My tips would be to keep your blog posts short and interesting and write your true feelings down like you are talking to a best friend. Post at least 3 times a week, something about you as an artist, your new work, your techniques and anything that you think is interesting. Also make sure that your photos are very clear and that you post photos in the majority of your blog posts because people love looking at pictures as a reference to what you are talking about. If you have a face book page, get the app for your blog so you can share your posts automatically with your friends and fans.

Day of the Dead 30 X 40 Acrylic

What’s your musical inspiration of choice when you are working in your studio?

Well, my secret is: I love the Vampire Diaries! I download songs from the soundtrack so I can listen to them while I work. If I am in a more serious mood and creating art with great detail, I might change over to classical music or Andrea Bocelli. The only other ritual I have is clearing my mind before I start working either by taking the dogs for a walk or sitting in the yard for awhile to relax. One thing is for sure: Painting original art on canvas must be done when you have the best desire to do it. I can never force creativity, it just has to flow subconsciously or it won’t turn out very good. I think it is a lot like writing a good blog post from the heart. A good painting must come from the soul.

Uncanny Valley 24 x 36 Acrylic & Inks

What’s coming next for your easel?

I could go on forever answering this question! I have so many ideas, that I literally carry a sketch book with me wherever I go to jot down my future paintings. My next piece is going to involve texture and will include a tropical theme. Maybe some pelicans or ocean art. After that I must paint some fish for the summer. Fish paintings sell out very quickly for me. What I really want to do is a giant abstract for modern interiors, something that includes half faces and industrial mechanisms. There are so many ideas, I usually just decide what I am going to do when I am staring at the canvas, then it happens quickly and finishing it could take any length of time depending on the detail and subject matter. So stay tuned for a lot more art. There is no telling what I will come up with next!


Thank you Laura for being an EBSQ Blogger of the Week!

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EBSQ Spotlight on Fantasy Art: Mia Bailey Hopper

This month’s featured gallery is Fantasy Art and it is one of our most-populous and popular galleries at EBSQ.  The artists that are drawn to this genre take the fanciful images and stories that live within them and share them with everyone. Throughout October, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of EBSQ’s fantasy artists.

Mia Bailey Hopper

Ghost Fairy and Pye - Mia Bailey Hopper
Ghost Fairy and Pye - Mia Bailey Hopper
I don’t  think I’ll be very good at explaining why I love Fantasy Art. Something to do with magic and myths and symbols and the complete freedom to imagine or conjure up anything you want.
I think it’s like comic books where if you’re hooked on them, there’s no going back and no walking away. You just are a comic book geek, and it’s the same for Fantasy. The wonderful people I meet because of my love of Fantasy art has been the coolest part of it. They are the best! (even the ones I scrap with in the forums). – Mia Bailey Hopper
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EBSQ Spotlight on Animal & Wildlife Art: Kerry Lynn Nelson

This month’s featured gallery is Animal & Wildlife Art, easily one of our most-populous galleries at EBSQ.  Throughout April, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of our most popular animal artists:

Kerry Lynn Nelson

Stallion! - Kerry Lynn Nelson
Stallion! - Kerry Lynn Nelson

Painting animals has always been my passion. Since early childhood I’ve felt a very deep emotional, almost spiritual empathy for nature that I have always tried to convey in my artwork.

Majestic big cats, or, small rodents and reptiles, deer and antelope, and of course, the horse! I can almost feel what it might be like to be them sometimes, in my imagination…like a cougar, perhaps;

Weaving silently through dark trees and the cover of rock and shrub, she moves gracefully towards a spring, cautious and methodically searching. Then, upon a first glimpse of possible prey, a visceral reaction of flowing saliva and dilating pupils and she freezes motionless and breathless so not to warn of her presence. With unrelenting focus, every movement calculated, and, every advantage of cover taken, she begins the stalk.

Or, it might be the wild horses;

They gallop for sheer joy with nostrils flaring red and eyes wild in mock fear, playing at dominance with a ferocious countenance and pounding hooves. Finding comfort in strength and speed, and, the closeness of their kind, the young stallions, with a fierceness of longing pounding in their hearts, and, surrounded with forage from horizon to horizon, still hunger at the scent of wild grass just over the next hill.

I can feel them as if I am one, living as they do. I use that fantasizing to come up with ideas for new paintings. Horses were always my favorite and are still my most beloved muse. I paint many, many horses, some portraits of someone’s beloved pet, but, most are just figments of my imagination that paused long enough in their wanderings through my grey matter for me to capture them in oils, or, graphite. I’m influenced by all I see about me, things I see, hear, or, read about, and, my inspirations may come from totally unrelated sources to the subject of my painting, but, they somehow spark an image that I may prod and work around in my mind until I have to put it to paper, and, maybe if it is strong enough, to paint.

Many of my paintings tell stories with little dramas in paint, and some express an emotion, a motion, or, a purity and beauty of form. Some paintings are exercises in painting whereby the subject is actually the process, and, the animals depicted are just vehicles for the study of color and values, composition, texture, and, line. Regardless of my painting intentions, however, animals, and especially horses, are nearly always a big part of the picture. I’ve tried painting other subject matter, and, even other styles including pure non-objective abstraction, but, I always found these uninspiring and cold. I always come back, without apology, to my true passion in art, the horse! – Kerry Lynn Nelson

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EBSQ Spotlight on Animal & Wildlife Art: Marcia Baldwin

This month’s featured gallery is Animal & Wildlife Art, easily one of our most-populous galleries at EBSQ.   We took a moment to catch up with one of our most popular animal artists:

Abstract Stallion by Marcia Baldwin
Abstract Stallion by Marcia Baldwin


My deepest love from a young age has been with the magnificent animal, the horse. Most of my life has been devoted to the equine and a continued love and learning, owning, riding and caring for them. The very soul of the horse, his heart, his mind, his bravery, and his loyalty can be seen in his eye. The sweet nuzzle from his soft nose, a gentle lick from that silky tongue searching for a sugar cube, the nicker you hear when he  sees you opening the back door to come to his pasture or stall, makes for a lifetime of wanting to know more about this wonderful creature. This love is what I hope my paintings portray.

My paintings of dogs and cats and other animals comes from the pure desire to share their beauty to the viewer. Maybe one painting will capture someone’s heart and a kindness will ripple on to be kind and caring for all animals. I strive to capture that innocense of the animal kingdom. We are their caretakers.

Marcia Baldwin

Look for other Animal & Wildlife Artist profiles later this month!

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