EBSQ Friday Five

C3 Van Gogh by Kathleen Ralph

1. On Being Grateful #3 – Kathleen Ralph’s awesome rendition of C-3PO as a Van Gogh portrait has been selected for a digital art exhibit through the University of Calgary. Congratulations Kathleen!

2. December’s Mandala: Letting Go – Maureen Frank’s December mandala is a wonderful exercise in both creativity and psychological cleansing. Check it out! It’s FREE.

3. Free Holiday Desktop Calendar – Terry McClary has a wonderful (and FREE) gift for her blog readers, a wonderful wallpaper for your computer that doubles as a calendar!

4. News from Cathy Johnson – Cathy has a lot of news to share in this post, but what snagged my attention is the FREE workshop she will be hosting through Strathmore next year.

5. Great Kits and Gadgets for Artists – Stacey Zimmerman has some great gift ideas for artists!

Have a wonderful weekend!