EBSQ Friday Five

Violet Flower by Luiza Vizoli

1. I’ve had flowers on the brain lately, it’s that time of year when the wild violets are beginning to bloom. Naturally Luiza Vizoli’s bold violet caught my eye.

2. The TwitterArtExhibit opened last night in Orlando, Florida. From what I can tell it was a great success! I know of at least a few EBSQ artists who participated, including myself. Did you? The exhibit runs till April 11, 2014. Proceeds from art sales go to benefit The Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes.

3. Ever thought of building your own painting box? Howard Lyon shares the plans, the materials and more.

4. This Is What Happens When a Graphic Designer Turns GIFs Into Art – These are amazing, but if you’re susceptible to motion sickness don’t click on that link!

5. What do Artists do all day? – This is a fascinating series of videos I wish I could say I found, but I didn’t.  You can see the original post from ImagineFX on Facebook. The video below is part 1 of 2 on printmaker Norman Ackroyd.