EBSQ Spotlight on Assemblages and Mixed Media: Cynthia Axelberd

This month’s featured gallery is Assemblages and Mixed Media. It is arguably the most unique and diverse gallery at EBSQ.  Throughout May, we are going to take a few moments to catch up with some of our artists who drawn to create with a variety of materials.

Cynthia Axelberd

Safe Haven - Cynthia Axelberd
Safe Haven - Cynthia Axelberd

Being a mixed media artist gives me the opportunity to use my favorite materials, wood, paint, metal, paper, anything really.  I feel too limited working in one medium.  I also love transforming old & discarded finds which I consider treasures.  This is when I get to do what I really enjoy, which is re-purposing my treasures.  Growing up I saw my father reuse materials for his many projects.  I was always fascinated by his ability to see a new use for things.  I believe this opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of materials.  Being able to create a piece of art out of so many mediums gives me a great sense of satisfaction. – Cynthia Axelberd

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