Is it over between you and Facebook?

Angel of Broken Dreams by EBSQ Artist Lynn Dobbins
Angel of Broken Dreams by EBSQ Artist Lynn Dobbins

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with Patrick Star, you probably know about the new changes that have been rolling out the past few weeks at everybody’s favourite online ecosystem, Facebook. Prior to today, most of the changes have been meeting with grumbles, but today’s complete overhaul of how one’s newsfeed functions was met with a serious roar, myself included. There has been talk of moving to G+, an irony given that competition with Google is the impetus behind these changes.  But is packing up the kids and moving to G+ that easy? And should you move versus sticking it out or even actively lobby to get FB to change things back?

Like it or not, Facebook has permeated our culture. On the EBSQ forums, the joke is often, “Where’s the like button?” in response to an awesome post. We’ve built patron voting around FB’s systems.  We’ve even considered further integrating with using FB as an alternate way to register/log in, and even as a basis for a comment system, since this is becoming a very common practice and lowers the barriers of participation for artists and patrons visiting EBSQ.  Having a Facebook page is becoming as required/expected for businesses this decade as a web page/blog became for businesses at the end of the last decade.  And that’s just the reliance on its technology.  Facebook is where everybody is.  Everybody. (Well, except for my dad, but that’s probably a good thing, lol. )  As a business owner and a very social being,  I’m locked into the ecosystem.

What about you? Are the latest changes a deal breaker for you and/or your art business?