EBSQ Friday Five

Heroin Harlequin by Jenny Berry


1. This week’s featured art work is Heroin Harlequin by Jenny Berry. I invite you to explore Jenny Berry’s portfolio. It’s rich in texture and moods!


3. EBSQ Artists have you found your partner for the 14th Annual Ripped Off Exhibit?! Let us know who you are teaming up with on Facebook.

4. Have you seen the huge parrot sculpture gracing London? Well, take a look at this: Giant Art Picnic Engulfs Swiss Countryside

5. Watch and enjoy!


EBSQ Friday Five +1: The Think Pink Edition

You can see these artworks and more in the EBSQ Think Pink 2013 Exhibit!


EBSQ Artist Lisa Wiktorek and I have joined forces to help raise funds via EBSQ for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. When you donate at least $5 you will receive from me an ACEO of Nature’s Fairy Dust, plus, you’ll be entered to win a stunning charm bracelet from Lisa! Please see my blog post, Raising Funds for National Breast Cancer Foundation, for the full details.

One on One with Zombie Apocalypse Juror Robb Padgett

Wrong Turn by EBSQ Artist Mark Satchwill
Wrong Turn by EBSQ Artist Mark Satchwill

We did the online version of sitting down with Zombie Apocalypse juror Robb Padgett to get his take on all-things zombie. Since the world might sort-of possibly end soon, we decided to make things fun–just in case.

What for you epitomizes the pinnacle of High Zombie Art?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – If one defines “Zombie Art” as art created by zombies. If you’re talking about “Art in which the subject matter is zombies” then I’d have to say Night of the Living dead by George A Romero. Sure, that would mean the genre peaked early, but when dealing with Zombies as metaphor, what else is there really to say that George didn’t? Of course, he popularized the genre so much that George himself went on to make a bazillion more zombie movies. But I like to think he made those movies ironically in order to illustrate the point of the first film.

What do you think most influenced the our current zombie aesthetic?

I’d have to say George Romero again. Although, 28 Days Later by Danny Boyle seems to have taken the zombie genre in a slightly new direction. If “faster zombies” can be considered a new direction.

Vampire. Zombie. Werewolf. Who wins in a mud wrestling match?

Werewolf. Absolutely. It would be a long battle since zombies have stamina. But werewolves are scrappy and smarter. They say a dog is about as smart as a toddler. They say zombies are about as coordinated as a toddler. Any vampire worth his bejeweled medallion wouldn’t be caught undead wrestling in mud.

What’s your favourite side dish to serve with fresh brains?

Is “more brains” an option? I think if one is committed to eating brains, it’s best to avoid distractions.

What is the one non-essential food you’re going to hoard prior to Friday’s Apocalypse now that Twinkies are off the menu?

Fluffy Stuff. It’s cotton candy in a bag. It’s delicious and filled with preservatives so it will last long enough for it to become “essential” again. I plan to live well past the apocalypse so I’ll need to hoard a lot of Fluffy Stuff. My horticulture skills are abysmal. If you ever need to find me after Armageddon, I’ll be the guy on the permanent sugar high. Also, my skin will have probably turned pink and blue from the colorants.

What is the single most important tip you could give someone facing a horde of zombies?

Acquiesce. I’ve never heard a zombie complain.

~ . ~

About the juror:

Robb Padgett is a new-media potentate living in Los Angeles. His webseries Vampire Zombie Werewolf and Life from the Inside have been viewed millions of times and have been liked by dozens.

Entries for Zombie Apocalypse are being accepted through the end of the month, or the end of the world. Whichever comes first. There is a sliding-scale fee per entry, and you could win a $150 cash prize!

There’s still time to get Ripped Off

Ripped Off '11

Looking for an unusual collaboration opportunity that comes with instant inspiration? Boy, have we got your covered! This month we’re hosting our 11th annual Ripped Off show! (Yup, we’re into our second decade! We can’t quite believe it either!)

If you haven’t done a Ripped show in the past, here’s how it works: you pair up with someone, and go through their portfolio and “rip off” a piece of their artwork. It can be one piece or a combination, your interpretation of their work, ideas, medium, technique. We invite you to check out past years’ exhibits to get an idea of the sort of things you can do. You must pair up with someone from EBSQ. Rip-Offs of non-EBSQ art, like redoing the Mona Lisa or ripping off Picasso, are NOT allowable for this show.

We’ve extended the deadline twice now (it’s been a weird summer, folks!) but this time is truly it. All entries must be in by 30 September 2011.

So, go ahead and pair up! If you’re looking for a partner, sign up in the EBSQ Forums, or feel free to contact someone privately and see if they’d like to partner with you, then post it in the sign-up thread to let us know you’re paired. Have at it!

Huge props to our sponsor who is offering the following awesome prize to the winner:

Aletta de Wal, Artist Career Training
“Balance: How to Make a Better Living Making Art & Still Have a Life” coaching-package for artists from Aletta de Wal of Artist Career Training, valued at $245

Repurposed winners announced!

From our juror, the ever-lovely Emily Levenson, co-founder of Pittsburgh Craft Collective:

Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials

Upcycling is the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value. The art of using found materials to transform them has always been at the center of crafting.

Shows like Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials take this theme and highlight the creative spirit that exists in the handmade community. Each entry was inspiring, showing that anything is possible when it comes to making art.

Winner: “Abrahams Crow” by Jason Lyons

Art: Abraham's Crow by Artist Jason Lyons

“Abrahams Crow” stood out among the other entries with Lyons’ creative use of materials. The pieces that he chose are unique, though work together in a very cohesive way. Lyons was truly able to repurpose his items into a new, and better, form.

Honorable Mentions:

“la Senora de Maravillas” by Melissa Saint

Art: la Senora de Maravillas by Artist Melissa Saint

“Spawning Greenback Cutthroat” by Robert Wolverton Jr.

Art: Spawning Greenback Cutthroat by Artist Robert  Wolverton  Jr.

About the Pittsburgh Craft Collective:

The Pittsburgh Craft Collective was started in 2008 by Emily Levenson (Subu, Inc), Carrie Nardini (Zippull and I Made It! Market), Cosette Cornelius-Bates (Cosy Knits Literally), Jennie Stephens (Jennie Stephen’s Art), and Kelly Del Greco (Spooky Kelly). We are a group of 60+ crafters and continue to grow and expand with each new member.

Our mission is simple: to be a central and inclusive collaborative for crafters in the Pittsburgh region. Our goal is to create a strong and vibrant craft community through social and resource networking, education and workshops, and information sharing. All in all, we hope to help others achieve new heights in their craft, help each other succeed, and just plain socialize. Our members run the gamut of crafting: craft enthusiasts, hobbyists, professional crafters, and those that are still trying to figure it out. We also have several shop owners as members.

We run regular classes (wordworking, bookbinding, fiber arts – knitting, crocheting, fused glass, jewelry making, letterpress demonstrations) and will be starting to offer round table workshops on topics like starting a business, social media, selling online, and copyright. We also organize a charity-based craft show called Crafts N’At. Each year we partner with a local organization to help raise money and awareness. Finally, we organize several social networking events like Sunday Crafternoons (held on the second Sunday of the month at Wildcard in Lawrenceville) and Crafty Happy Hours.

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CANDY opens tonight!

If you’re in the Greater Pittsburgh area, we’d absolutely love to see you at The Chocolate Shoppe for the opening of CANDY, our very first brick-and-mortar curated exhibit.  There will be plenty of eats, libations, a sampling of some fantastic chocolates, and of course, some awesome artwork. C’mon down! We’re earlier in the evening than most First Friday Artwalk events, so make us your first stop of the night!

You can get the address and other pertinent details on our events page at Facebook

Plan to take pictures?  Please use the tag #ebsqcandy when you share on Flickr.

And now, a little music to get you in the mood:

Last call for Candy plus Haiti fundraiser

Art: Soft and Fuzzy Johnson by Artist Vicky Knowles  Today is your last chance to add work for consideration for our very first brick and mortar event in conjunction with The Chocolate Shoppe. Candy entries will be accepted through 11:59pm EST tonight.  It’s a fantastic looking show online and I for one cannot wait to see how the selected pieces will look in the space when they debut to the public on March 5, 2010. Wanna come to the opening? RSVP here on Facebook!

Also, while I have your attention with Vicky Knowles‘ lovely art, I’d like to remind you that we’re also accepting entries through the end of the month for our Red Cross fundraiser to benefit Haiti Earthquake relief.  Yes, there’s a $10 fee per entry, but half of your fee goes directly to the Red Cross, and the other half goes in the kitty for prize money for the show winner to be voted upon by you next month. It’s a win-win, and we like win-wins here at EBSQ! Please consider entering Art from the Heart to benefit Haiti today!