Just hours left to enter Repurposed

Don’t let this juried show pass you by:

Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials

From 4/1/2010 thru 4/30/2010

Online Art Exhibit:  Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials

Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials. This was one of our most popular shows of the past ten years and we’re happy to bring it back in honor of our 10th anniversary exhibition season. Repurposed is more than getting out old family photos and using them to make coasters or taking a tool box and turning it into a toy chest. This show is about taking things that are destined for the landfill and turning them into art. Yep, we’re talking trash here. This is “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” on steroids and your challenge for this show is to take what would normally never get a second look, what most people would throw away, and create. It can be anything from a coffee filter to a broken chair. An old, spare wheel or an abused and broken toy. Box tops, cans, scraps of fabric, cd cases, jars, coolers, old oven racks… you get the idea. Anything that has found its way into the dustbin or onto the curb is fair game. What you do with your finds – what other things you combine them with, is entirely up to you and limited only by your imagination.

To make things even more interesting, this is a juried show, with a $5 fee-per-entry for participation. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the winner selected by juror Emily Towbin Levenson of the Pittsburgh Craft Collective.

Please tell us what items you used to create your entry, where they came from and how you put it all together. Also include why you used what you did and why it caught your eye. If texture or other small elements are pivotal to your piece, please be sure to include detail shots.

Some additional items of note:This exhibit is open to all paid members of the EBSQ Self-Representing Artist community. Not yet a member? Consider joining today!

Entry fees ($5 per entry) are payable via our Chipin widget.

Eligible entries must meet all points of the prospectus. If you have any questions regarding the prospectus and its requirements, please send them to edu@ebsqart.com

Entry Instructions: 

This exhibit has special entry requirements

There is a required $5 entry fee per piece submitted, payable via our Chipin widget.

To add an entry to any show:

  • Upload your art or search your artcase for the piece you’d like to enter. 
  • Select “enter show” from the pull-down menu at the right hand side of this item (the default says “edit”) and click the “go” button. 
  • Find the show you wish to enter and read over the prospectus to make sure your piece meets all of the requirements. If you feel you’re good to go, click “enter.” 
  • That’s it; you’re all done! 

Artists may submit up to 5 pieces per show.


I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas (aka call for howtos!)

After the formal presentation of this month’s EBSQ Live (from the ever-creative Amethyst Lobster, newly dubbed “Loblu”) we got to talking about upcycling/repurposing items in general and the conversation turned to Christmas. <insert lightbulb going-off moment> And so, we decided to put out a call for green Christmas ornaments and general holiday tchotke hotwos for the November zine. 

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step directions for a unique holiday project using predominently commonly tossed-out repurposed materials
  • Photographs documenting your process (including the finished project, of course!)

Intrigued? Drop us a line with your finished project no later than 26 October for consideration. The selected projects will appear in the November EBSQ Zine, the EBSQ Educational Archives, and may be blogged individually as well in this space.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!