Building Trust with Online Art Buyers

You Can Trust Me by Kris Jean

Building trust with online art buyers is essential. The internet is home to thousands of artist websites, online marketplaces, galleries and arts organizations. Standing out is the key to being noticed, but trust turns a visitor into a buyer. In a recent EBSQ forum discussion, I brought up the importance of portraying your true self online. For the most part, online buyers don’t get to meet you in person and a computer screen only offers a two-dimensional view of an individual. It’s therefore vital for us to show potential buyers that we are “real” people. We want them to trust us and buy our art. That’s not to say that an online persona can’t achieve success, but as it turns out, there is a trend toward buyers choosing to purchase from an individual over a logo. has an excellent article on building trust through social media. Here are their five tips:

1. Don’t Make it About “You”

“It’s about the community. People aren’t going to follow you if all you do is try to sell them stuff and promote yourself. Become a trusted resource, instead of a salesperson.”

2. Be sociable

“…the next time you think about listing one of your art pieces, take the time to figure out how you can present that piece in a more social manner.”

3. Show the real you

“Use a photo of yourself for your profile image, not a photo of your art, or company logo. People want to connect with people, not products or businesses.”

4. Respond to your fans

“When you respond to your fans (or customers)…have a conversation with them.”

5. Be consistent

“From how you portray your company across various social networks, to how often you post…”

I’ve reiterated many of these tips before. They are not new ideas–they are trusted rules. The quotes above are from the heads of different companies and marketing firms. Following these tips, over time, will build trust with your online following and when it comes time for them to make a purchase, either for themselves or as a gift, they’ll go with someone they know. Be sure to check out the full article at